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PE News 11.3.22

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Another super week in PE!

Years 1 and 2 carried on our athletics unit. We focussed on jumping and began by running around an area and jumping over every cone we found. We jumped from one foot to the other, two feet to two feet and one foot to two feet. Then we practised speed bounce, jumping side to side over the cone. In groups, we moved around four stations; fast feet, where we had spots on the floor that we had to move between using fast foot movements, bunny hops over small hurdles, running hurdles and hopscotch.

Years 3 and 4 continued our athletics unit by focussing on hurdling. We looked at which legs we take off from and which we land on. We reminded ourselves of our dominant leg and tried jumping from our other leg to check we were using the correct leg for take off. Year 3 had hurdles in lines while year 4 had hurdles around the track. The hurdles were different heights and distances so that we could see which suited us the best. We also practised trying to make our jumps longer so that we could continue running faster between the hurdles.

Years 5 and 6 focussed on throwing. We used a variety of small balls and bean bags to practise throwing over arm. We tried cricket bowling, standing throw, running throw and shot put. Once we had tried all of the equipment we moved on to play 'Angry Birds.' We had different lines to throw from, some closer than others, each was worth different points. We had to throw tennis balls at a variety of balls balanced on cones. Some were on the floor, others on picnic benches at different heights. If we hit a ball, we scored points depending on where we threw from.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Jenkins

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