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PE News 10.6.22

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Welcome back to our final term of the year!

We are learning the skills of striking and fielding. These encompass the sports of cricket, rounders, baseball and longball, to name a few.

Years 1 and 2 began our unit by playing a fielding relay. We had three balls, balanced on cones, and we had to move all three on to other cones by picking up with one hand, transferring to the other before putting down. We did this in a relay format so we had to be as quick as possible! Afterwards, we tried bowling, by rolling the ball and batting.

Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 practised our Town Sports skills in readiness for the main event. We recounted the techniques involved our field events of javelin- transferring our weight from back leg to front to add power to our throw, high jump- running a curved approach and a straight leg, and long jump- bringing our knees up high. Also our track events of hurdles- staying low over the hurdles and keeping in our stride, bean bag- picking up whilst turning, sprint and relay- focussing on the end of the track and reaching out with the baton. We were all fantastic!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Jenkins

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