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Yesterday Preschool dressed in yellow and we celebrated St David's day. We learned that St...

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Our last week of home learning has been completed! You have all been absolutely fantastic...

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Join in with our Wybunbury Book Walk! Place your favourite book in your front window for everyone...

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This week's maths was all about statistics as we started our Power Maths unit. We recapped...

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Year 5 News!

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In our English lessons this week, we started by recapping the use of apostrophe. Our main focus was on the use of a possessive apostrophe. The children then watched a video to build upon their knowledge and recap how apostrophes are used. They then completed tasks which involved rewriting sentences using the possessive apostrophe and in their spag CGP books. At the end of the lesson, the children expressed what they had learnt by describing the image of Jud in a tree surrounded by her belongings, taken from story 'The Lost Happy Ending'. In our following lessons, year 5 watched the short animation 'Ride of a Passage'. The animation was set in the Rainforest and the main character came across many different types of animals. We used this to kick start our ideas for our writing this week. The children started to plan the words and phrases they could use to describe the rainforest. We specifically learnt about using hyphenated words based around colours to add additional detail to our description. We then focused on using our senses to describe the rainforest setting. The children wrote their ideas as part of their plan. Again, this week, we recapped to the of relative clauses and gave examples of how we could use these effectively in our writing. Towards the end of the week, we then wrote our own descriptions with a focus on the use of hyphenated words, relative clauses and the use of interesting adjectives, similes and personification, which we had discussed throughout the week. On Friday, I modelled how I would up-level a piece of work to improve it. The class then chose one paragraph that they felt they could develop from the day before and added in the skills we had discussed. Throughout the week, we have also been completing Spag activities as our starter each day. We have focused on punctuating speech, relative clauses and using capital letters correctly. We have also recapped synonyms, antonyms and commonly misspelled words.

In our Maths lessons this week, we have completed our multiplication and division unit. This weeks focus has been on division. Building upon our knowledge of short division, we have learnt about division with remainders. Again this week, we have used the short division method as well as using number lines and bar models. We have used these methods to help us gain an understanding of how to divide with remainders. At the end of the week, we also completed an arithmetic quiz to deepen our understanding. You have all worked really hard again this week. Well done year 5!

In our afternoons, this week, we have covered many interesting topics. I loved watching your Haka videos from PE you were all able to compose yourself and keep a very serious face! In our Music lesson this week, you continued with our next lesson of 'Make you feel my love'. In our RE lessons, we explored the 5 pillars of Islam. You watched a video of Sara giving a brief overview of her religion and were then asked to draw and write about the pillars of Islam. In our French lesson this week, we learnt about months of the year. Interesting, we learnt that there are no upper case lessons in the French alphabet. Finally, at the end of the week, we took part in a wellbeing lesson based around 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds. You were then asked to create your own dot which would be put on a display in school.

I am so proud of all of you and can not wait until we are back in school next week.
Miss Welch

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