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Year 4 Weekly News: 23.4.21

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It's been fantastic to welcome back Year 4 after the Easter break! Everybody came back into school with a fantastic attitude meaning we got so much done! From creating Google Slides, to learning how to play rounders — it's been an amazing week!

In Book Club this week, our focus was all about reading aloud. We had the chance to change our books, choose new challenge books and of course, add on more points for our reading challenge! Remember that you can leave book reviews via www.y4reading.weebly.com — I can't wait to see more come in over the weekend!

In Maths, we started a new unit on decimals. This learning builds upon our fraction work and we used our knowledge of this to discuss tenths, hundredths and decimal patterns. We looked at the relationship between fractions and decimals, quickly getting to grips with the fact that 1/10 = 0.1. We were able to bridge across from 0.9 to 1.0 — this was a fantastic step! We also applied this to centimeters and millimeters! We were able to convert these into decimals too! Well done, everyone!

In English, we continued to practise our daily handwriting, focusing upon joins and the relationship between letters. It was also time to start our brand new T4W unit. Firstly, we looked at an example and had to guess what type of text we'd be writing. We quickly found out that we would be time travelling back to the Tudor times! From this, we wrote our own cold writes which gave us our 3 targets. Using speech, adjectives/adverbs and paragraphs will be our focus over the next two weeks. Next, we completed a series of SPaG lessons on expanded noun phrases. These helped us with word choice and gave ideas about how to describe settings and characters. On Friday, we completed a practical speech lesson. We took photos of freeze frames and added speech captions to them, there was even a freeze frame of Albus finding his frisbee!

In Science, we started our new unit on the digestive system. We firstly looked at what we already knew about the system of digestion. We then watched a demonstration that modelled the process of digestion — which included tights, a bowl and water — can you remember the process? On Thursday, we built upon our learning and recapped all the scientific language we learnt about — this helped us to create some amazing paragraphs about the process of digestion. We also had lots of laughs listening to our new song — "Do you know the general direction..."

In Geography, we started our new unit on Nantwich — our local area! We warmed up by playing some games using the atlases. We had to name as many countries as possible as a class — we came up with 84! Not bad! We then had to find Nantwich using our atlas skills! We learnt about what county we are located in and towns close by! On Wednesday, we used Google Maps and Street View to virtually explore our town. We looked for signs of Nantwich being a Tudor town and used Pic Collage to screenshot our pictures — they were fantastic! Next week, we will research the history of our town further!

This week in Music, we started our journey of learning to play a brass instrument, courtesy of Music For Life. We were allocated our instruments (either a baritone, corner or trumpet). Mr Norbury introduced himself and explained what our lessons will consist of. We now know: the names of parts of the instrument, how to blow into the mouthpiece, how to position the shape of our lips and how sound is created by vibration! Another interesting word we learnt was 'amplify' which means to make the sound louder! We spoke about the dynamics of sound which is the volume level. We were able to begin to play our instruments this lesson. It was really exciting! Towards the end of the lesson, we spoke about what we know about beat and rhythm in music. Overall, we played 3 rhythms as well as playing middle C, and played 4 notes to 'We Are The Best.' An interesting fact was shared with us. We did not know that the closest sounding instrument to a human voice is a cello! Amazing!

In Computing, we wrapped up our project on Google Slides! We finished our projects by adding in more transitions, hyperlinks, pictures and text! They are going to look fabulous in our Study Work books — well done, team!

In French, we looked at the French alphabet. We started by thinking about what letters sound similar to our english alphabet, writing these on our whiteboards. We then grouped our letters into different sounds — such as 'a', 'ee' and 'ey'. We chanted them out lots of times, well done!

In R.E, we finished our Big Question unit by answering 'Why is Jesus called Saviour?' We recapped all of our previous learning and used this to help write a paragraph including all the parables whereby Jesus is seen as a saviour. Well done!

In P.E, Y3 and Y4 joined forces to take part in our first rounders session. We warmed up by playing the cone flip games and then took part in a throwing game, which tested our catching and movement skills. We then talked through the rules of rounders and managed to play a game in our first session! I can't wait for next week's session where we will play a competition!

We also took part in a number of worships this week. We completed reflections on the parable of the wise and foolish man, whilst also thinking about the hidden message behind the sower and the seed.

What a busy first week back! Let's see what the next one brings!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Dale

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