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Year 3 news 21.5.21

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I hope you have all had a lovely half term break in the glorious sunshine and are rested for another fantastic half term in Year 3. Before we broke up for the holidays, we had a busy week in Year 3.

Our theme day was finally here! You all looked amazing dressed as Roman soldiers, rich Romans and lots of fierce Boudiccas! We spent the day having so much fun and learning lots about the Romans. We started our day with learning about how they Romans made roads and why they were so straight! We layered them up using biscuits to show the different layers the Romans used to make their roads. The extra fun part was eating the road afterwards! We then went on to learnt all about the Roman numeral system and then applied our knowledge to making some Roman coins out of air drying clay and adding detail carefully in the clay. We will use these in our study work books. We spent some of the afternoon watching the Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans movie too which was lots of fun. I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did!

We were lucky enough to have a visit from our new vicar Alison who came to school and led a worship for our class and Year 4. We asked lots of questions and really enjoyed meeting her. We sang her our favourite worship song 'my lighthouse' and showed off our actions too! In the rest of our worship time this week, we listened to the parable of the good Samaritan and thought about the message of the story.

In maths this week, we continued to learn about time, building upon our knowledge of quarter past, quarter to and half past and learning all of the five minutes intervals too. I have been so impressed with lots of you wearing your analogue watches too and all of the practicing you have done at home too. We have finished our unit on time now so please keep practicing! We will move on to fractions next week.

In art this week, we worked hard to finish our Roman emperor mosaics. They are looking so impressive! You chose colours which complimented each other and would make your designs stand out. Just a few tweaks are needed to perfect our work, but we are really proud of this piece of art work! I can't wait to see them on our display for everyone to see. In our design and technology/art lesson this week, we put the finishing touches to our Roman coil pots. We evaluated the pots, discussing what we enjoyed and what we would improve next time. You talked about how easy or tricky you found the coil method to make your pottery. We then looked at the colouring of pottery from the Roman times and chose our colours. We recapped what these types of pots would be used for in the Roman times and decided what our pots would be used for. Some of you chose to store food, for wine or for sauces. We decided our pots were more like coarse ware rather than fine ware and compared the differences between the two. I am really impressed with how your pots have turned out. They are looking super on our a Roman display!

In book club this week, we finished learning about rocks and minerals and learnt about what you have to do when collecting and handling rocks and minerals. We also learnt about more features of non fiction texts, such as subheadings and captions.

In our computing time we put the finishing touches to our own class websites. We added pictures with captions and even tabs with more pages. We can't wait to show you these via qr codes in our study work books.

In PE this week, unfortunately the weather was not on our side. We were on our way outside as the thunder storm struck so back inside we went! Instead, we learnt all about what makes a good sports person. First of all, we focused on the more obvious things such as strength, endurance and power but then after watching some videos and more discussions with our partners, you came up with words such as respect, fairness and teamwork. We then created our own sportsmanship posters which showed examples of these qualities. Well done Y3/4!

In French this week, we continued with our classroom commands and basic conversations with our partners, this time asking how old are you and answering I am 7 years old.

In RE this week, we looked at the Roman gods and what they each represented. We then ordered them from most to least powerful. At first most of us put Jupiter and Mars as the most powerful and then Diana and Cupid as the least powerful. We had a very good class debate and in the end lots of you chose to put Cupid and Diana near the top of the list. "Love is always stronger than fighting so they are more powerful" Lucia told the class.

I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Miss McCurrie

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