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Year 3 last week's news

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This news was on the website last week but hadn't shared to Facebook so we have a double helping of news this week! 😁

And just like that, we have been back together for two full weeks and what a busy one it's been this week!

In our English lessons, we have been focusing on report writing. We have learnt about Julius Caesar and his life, in the style of reading a Roman newspaper article. We have learnt the actions to help us remember our model text. We have looked at the features of writing a report, like the 5Ws and having an eyewitness account, using speech marks for speech of course. We have also looked at lots of news articles from Newsround and have investigated how they use a catchy and interesting first sentence to make sure the reader wants to read on. One of our focuses in this unit is to use conjunctions to join sentences together so this week has seen lots of practise using and, or, but and so.

In maths this week we returned back to our power maths books, this time starting the new unit of multiplication and division. We have been looking at multiplication and division calculations and adding in inequality symbols too to compare two calculations. This involved multi step calculations and you really impressed me with working these out this week. A great start to maths back in school.

We started science week by going on to the field to see the huge balloon filled with helium and we learnt all about how it can travel to the outside of space! We wrote a report about what had happened, focusing on ordering our writing, using the past tense and including an eyewitness account using speech marks.

Our week was filled full of science for science week! We continued our unit on humans and animals by continuing our focus on the human skeleton. We worked in groups to research the different bones and we finished labelling our paper skeletons. We also found out how our skeletons protect some very important internal organs like the brain and heart. We then moved on to learning about our muscles. We discovered that most muscles work in pairs, so when one contracts the other extends. We did a test to try and answer the question: Do we have stronger muscles if we use them more? We made predictions, decided what other information we needed to find out, e.g. who does lots of physical activity, and then performed a physical test. We did 2 minutes of squat jumps and then collated everybody's scores. After looking at the scores we decided that most of the very active people scored the highest on the physical test and concluded that we do have stronger muscles if we use them more. Great science work Year 3!

We also had a science competition set for us by Mr Dale...can we design our own Mars Perseverance Rover? We learnt all about what the Rover is, why it is on Mars and why it has a very important job to do. We looked at different robots and their skills and then designed our own. This was lots of fun and I'm sure you'll agree we came up with some great ideas!

In Music this week we looked at 'The Science of Singing' and what goes on in our bodies when we sing. We also had fun with a Romans song and continued to learn some more notes on our recorders. We have now mastered B, A and G. Well Done Year 3.

In PSHE this week, we have looked at what forgiveness means to us and also how saying sorry can help to mend upsets. We have tried to put this into practise this week as we learn together back as a year 3 family.

In this week's design and technology lesson, we revisited our sewing skills! This week's focus was a running stitch which we practiced on binka making bookmarks. Some of us even went on to sew our initials on and use some back stitch to really make our initials clear and stand out. What do you think of our bookmarks so far?

We ended our week dressed as superheroes for comic relief! This brought us so many smiles throughout the day with the classroom filled with lots of heroes!

I hope you've had a lovely weekend and I am already looking forward to our week together next week.
Miss McCurrie

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