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Another lovely week has gone past filled with special memories of our learning.

This week you have been travelling on the hundred decker bus. You were so excited to read this book and to complete some work that was inspired by the book. As we travelled on the bus on Tuesday we received a letter from Mrs Chesters asking us why we were late for school. We decided that we would have to write a letter back to Mrs Chesters explaining why we were late and the adventure you had been on. You all picked four parts of the journey to explain. You drew the picture of the place you went to and wrote a sentence about the place. On Wednesday and Thursday, we were busy writing a small recount to explain the journey. Your sentences were beautifully written and I was so proud to see so many adjectives to describe how you were feeling at each part of the journey. You had to use sentence openers to describe when you went to these places so we decided to start our sentences with: first, next, after that and finally. We had people who went camping in the countryside, watching a volcano explode or having ice creams at the beach. It's no wonder you were SO late for school year 1. On Friday, we looked at the structure of a letter. You learned about the different features and then you worked hard to find these features independently on different types of letters. Learning the structure of a letter will help you to write your own this week.

Continuing your learning with part-part models has helped you to delve deeper into how these models can help us to add numbers together. We have been creating fact families to show how number sentences can be written in four different ways. Although we found this difficult at the start of the week, towards the end you were all able to find fact families independently. You have learned and practiced your number bonds to 10 and we have been singing and dancing to our favourite number bonds song. On Friday, we even looked at how we could compare addition sums using our crocodile and equals symbols.
In phonics and reading, you have made me exceptionally proud as I was able to complete all of your assessment this week. You have all shown me how amazing you are and how much you have learnt in just a short amount of time. The fluency and accuracy I hear when I listen to you read in phonics is wonderful.

In our afternoon learning, we have been busy, busy, busy!

On Monday you were learning about the properties of transparent and opaque. We were challenged to find the best material to make windows out of on the hundred decker bus. You understood that the material had to be both strong and transparent. We then finished our science topic with a material's quiz.

In RE, we delved deeper into the creation story. You made a list of things that God made and a list of things that God loves. You came out with some fantastic ideas!

In geography this week, we read the story 'Katie went to London'. As we learned about the different sights you could see in London we thought about if these were physical or human features of Geography. Independently, you sorted lots of pictures of London into human and physical features so that we can compare them to the features of Wybunbury.
In art this week, you all designed your own clay tile using canal art as your inspiration. Once we completed our design and shaded our drawing in to show light and dark points. We then set off to make our clay tile by rolling, pinching and squeezing our clay together so that we could create a 3D flower. What a great way to develop our fine motor skills too. I can't wait to finish the rest of these clay tiles on Monday afternoon!

Your homework has been uploaded onto school jam and keep going with your writing bingo board. Remember you have till Christmas half term to complete it. I am really enjoying all of the homework posts that I see on seesaw and showing them at 'show and tell' time.

Have a lovely weekend Y1 and I will see you on Monday.

Miss Haynes

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