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Year 1, I am not quite sure how we are already at half term already! This term you have settled...

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'Share God's love, shine God's light, we're pumpkin heroes and we shine real...


Reception Class, we have made it !I cannot believe we have completed our first term at school...

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And half term is upon us! Where does the time go? Year 6 you have been an absolute joy to be with...

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Year 1 weekly news

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This week we have been rainforest explorers and we have been on a great (virtual) adventure together.

In English, you have done amazing work and made me very proud. We started the week with our SPaG Monday and using the conjunction 'and' to extend our simple sentences. We then started our poetry week on Tuesday by rhyming lots of rainforest themed words. You created a sense list of what you could: hear, touch, smell, see and taste in the rainforest. This helped you to create your own sense poem on the rainforest and these poems blew my socks off until I got to the part of what you 'smelt' and I read about lots of ANIMAL POO which made me laugh lots! They were very realistic that when I read them I felt like I was I was walking in the rainforest with you. The adjectives that you used painted the picture beautifully.

In phonics, you are continuing your learning with Rosie and you are doing a fantastic job. You are becoming very fluent readers and it is great to see how you are making so much progress at home. We have all enjoyed a week of sharing stories to each other and I can proudly say that we have amazing story tellers in our class who use fantastic expression. I was also very happy to see the lovely comments you are writing to your friends as well. I can't wait for us to keep sharing books as they are all putting a smile on our faces in the morning!

In maths, you have been working really hard on a very tricky subject which was quarters. We have chopped fruit into quarters so that we have 4 equal parts. We have cut out shapes and folded them into quarters. We have answered tricky power maths questions and you have created beautiful posters on halves and quarters so you can put them up in your learning spaces at home.

Although we are on week 12 (I think, I have lost count) of lockdown you are still putting in as much effort into your home learning as you did at the start and this is wonderful to see. On Monday, I am very excited to be welcoming some of you back to school and I have been counting the days down till I see those beautiful smiles come through the door in the morning. I am very excited to see you and I haven't stopped thinking about it. Everything is ready to go and I will be on the KS1 door ready to welcome you back (with my hand sanitiser of course). Those that are returning back to school will have received an email on Friday with very important information in about who is your teacher and where your learning will take place so, please read this. I hope you are all feeling okay about the new changes in school, it is nothing to worry about I promise, we will still have as much fun as we did before. Those that are staying at home until September, I will still be seeing you virtually every day and I can't wait to carry our seesaw learning on.

Thank you year one for always making my heart happy and my days brighter.
Have a lovely weekend.

See you on Monday,

Miss Haynes

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