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Another week of home learning has just flown by and we now have the weekend to rest and recover from all of the hard work you have been doing this week. It has been a pleasure to be in school this week and to see the children who are in and to talk to all of those children at home. It was great to see/speak to you all and I say it all of the time but you are SUPERSTARS. You make me so proud with how much effort you put into your home learning. This week, seesaw has been overflowing with super spider fact files, surprising snow days and lots of yummy baking.

In Phonics and reading this week you have been continuing to watch Rosie to learn your new set three sounds. You have also been reading lots of exciting EBooks. It is always a delight to read through the comments off your parents of how your reading is or when you send me videos of you reading. Your fluency and accuracy skills are getting better and better each day. Remember to keep using your skills of 'Fred in your head' and 'Fred talk' and you will be able to tackle those longer words.

In English, we have had a squeamish week as we have been planning and writing our spider fact files. After we immersed ourselves in the story of Sidney the spider last week we built upon this learning by planning a fact file on spiders from the information we had learned. You also watched a video and a powerpoint on spiders to learn some more interesting facts. Each day this week you have written a part of your fact file starting with 'What do spiders look like?' and finishing with your 'Top 5 surprising spider facts'. To say I was proud of your writing would be an underestimate! My socks have completely been blown off by the writing skills and perseverance you have shown. I hope you are very happy with your fact files and it has been lovely to hear you all say that you have learned facts about spiders that you never knew before.

In power maths we finished our first ever Y1 power maths book. What an achievement Y1!
From when we first opened that book in September to this week when we closed it, I have just seen a huge change in your ability to tackle maths questions and word problems. We finished our topic of place value to 20 by comparing numbers, ordering numbers and forming our numbers to 20 correctly. I think I can say that you all have a profound understanding of your numbers to 20. We will now build upon this learning next week by adding and subtracting these numbers together in our brand new power maths book. Keep up this amazing work Y1!

In-between building snowmen and having snowball fights, you have had the opportunity to engage with the other areas of the curriculum. In Geography, you worked hard on labelling the continents of the world, finding out about the northern and southern hemispheres and learning about where the equator is. In computing, you put your coding skills to the test by helping a Beaver build a den. In PE, you were tackling a crocodile challenge by trying to jump, skip and hop over pillows so that you wouldn't fall into the crocodile den. I am so glad none of you got snapped up...PHEW! In music, you used charanga to learn about blues music and the song 'I am in the groove'. You found the pulse of the music by dancing and clapping whilst singing to the lyrics. In your well-being activity, you thought carefully about your emotions which are very important at the moment. You thought about different situations we sometimes face and how you could feel in those situations.

Thank you Y1 for all of the comments, voice notes and videos this week. You don't know how happy they make me! Thank you again to your parents for helping you and supporting your education even when faced with these difficult circumstances.

Another week closer to being back in the classroom together!

Have a wonderful weekend superstars,

Miss Haynes

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