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Our first whole week of home learning and wow Y1 you are just incredible learners! The Y1 seesaw has been overflowing with brilliant work. You have become so dedicated and motivated to complete all of your home learning tasks with such great effort and it sure has put a smile on my face this week. We have covered so many topic areas...

In phonics, you are watching Rosie whilst learning your new set 3 sounds. You practice your new sound and other sounds through speedy sounds and word time. Once you have finished with this video you do your spellings. This is where you can build upon your learning by spelling words that have your new sound in. I love reading all of your spellings and seeing that you are using all of the techniques that I have shown you in class. You have also been reading a RWI Ebook online and it is fantastic to hear some of you read when you send me videos. I am so proud that you are continuing your phonics learning at home and in provision because it is so important. Each afternoon, you have sat beautifully and listened to my story and have answered questions on the book.

In English, you have been busy bees completing your talk for writing topic on Sidney the spider. We have spent this week exploring the story and delving deeper into the meaning of the story. You have been writing sentences about what you liked about the story, what you found interesting and questions that you would like to ask the author. You have understood the story on a deeper level by answering a variety of questions in full sentences. Some of the words in our story were words that some of us had never come across so we looked for a definition of these words so that we can expand our own vocabulary. After all of your sentence work, you then helped to rewrite Sidney's letter because he had forgotten how to use capital letters and full stops. You were such a great help to Sidney! We then finished our learning by writing sentences about where Sidney might hide...I hope we don't find any Sidney's over this weekend.

In maths, you have been working hard in your power maths books. I am so proud of how every single one of you has challenged yourself each day to do all of the questions. This makes me extremely proud! We have put all of our work from last week into practice when using our power maths books as we have been delving deeper into exploring place value to 20. You have completed lots of practical tasks as well by going on a number hunt around your house and then using objects in your house to show tens and ones within a number. Next week we will be finishing off our topic on numbers to 20 before we move to adding and subtracting.

In our afternoon tasks, you have completed all sorts of tasks which have been brilliant to see. You have been using our learning in school from our unplugged activities to complete a coding game online. You have learned about the first covenant between Abraham and God in RE. You have learned about how popular music has changed in the past 60 years. I heard that lots of you had to get up to have a dance whilst completing this lesson! We then finished our week off with a wellbeing activity where you all created a happiness jar. A lot of you said going to school, going to the park with your dog, spending time with your family and learning about God was what made you happy.

Y1, I truly miss not being in school altogether but your fantastic work is making us all smile. Thank you for all your lovely voice notes, messages and videos you put on seesaw. It really does help us all to keep in contact. We are all counting down the days till it is safe for us to be in school together again. For now I will keep seeing you over seesaw!

A huge thank you again to your families for everything they do in order to help your education continue. They really are the best home teachers you could have Y1!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Haynes

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