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You are powering through home learning and leaving me bursting with pride with the work you are completing at home.

This week in phonics you have been learning your new sounds and recapping some sounds you have already learned. You are becoming Fred experts with all this Fred talking and Fred in your head business! Completing your phonics work each day is helping you with your reading. I am so proud of how well you are doing with your reading.

This week in English we have been so busy learning about our mischief story of Pipperty Skycap and creating lots of brilliant writing about him. You have written about what you liked about the story and what surprised you. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we focused on using 'and' in our sentences to add more detail. You used 'and' to describe what Pipperty Skycap and the troll look like in the story and how they act. Your sentences were so descriptive and I loved the detail you put into them. You have answered questions about the story either verbally or by writing them down, this helped to show me your understanding of the story. Well, I can see Y1 you definitely have a very good understanding and this will help you next week when you write your own version of the story! We finished our week with some breaking news on 'dog news' which Alfie told us that Pippety Skycap had gone missing and we needed to find him before he plays anymore tricks on anyone. You got to work straight away by creating fantastic posters telling people to watch out. These were so creative!

In maths, we started our new power maths books and our new topic on addition within 20. Well Y1, you have done amazing with this learning and I am so proud of how hard you have worked. You are my math superstars! We have been adding by counting on, adding our ones and even finding our number bonds to 20. You are finding links from our topic of adding within 10 and using them to build upon your learning to add numbers within 20, which shows how intelligent you all are. Well done for always striving for the best and challenging yourself with the challenge questions at the end.

Our afternoons have been very busy this week with lots of fun activities set for you.

You have taken part in the 'big garden bird watch' by looking out for different birds. How many did you find in your garden? What was your favourite bird?

You have taken part in our well-being activity this week which was focused around emotions and feelings. You designed your own colour monster and wrote about how your monster was feeling. I loved the ideas you thought of!

In history, you learned all about the history of music whilst building upon your learning from two weeks ago. You looked closely at mp3 players and smartphones and listened to music from 1990's to 2020's and wrote about who was your favourite singer. We have a lot of Stormzy fans in our class!

In RE, you learned more about the Jewish religion and looked more specifically at the celebration of Shabbat. You discussed what activities they can and cannot do during Shabbat whilst watching a video to support your learning.

In science this week, you continued your learning about plants and looked more closely at wildflowers that grow. We learned that wildflowers are important because they are a habitat (home) to insects. You labelled all of the wildflowers on the video perfectly and I can't wait when we are back in school so we can plant some flowers in our garden.

In PE, you were busy bees practicing your tennis skills with the activity Mrs Jenkins had sent you. We were very proud of the innovative ideas you had with what objects you could use for a tennis racquet and ball. It was great to see lots of videos on this!

Once again Y1, THANK YOU for all of the effort you put into your home learning. I know we are on week 4 now and you are finding it harder and harder each day but I want you to remember to just try your best. Remember we want you to be happy and that is all. I was sent this quote and I would like to share it with you too 'It is during the darkest days that we must focus on the light and that light is near.' Keep trying your best and be very proud of how hard you are trying. A huge thank you to parents and families for all your support once again this week, we could not do this without you.

Have a lovely weekend Y1s. Make sure you get some rest and enjoy your family time.

See you on Monday virtually,

Miss Haynes

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