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Y6 Weekly News

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Another very busy week with everyone working hard and trying their best. What more could I ask for? You are all super stars.

In Maths we continued to build our fractions knowledge as we worked on ordering and comparing fractions. We used our common multiple knowledge to add and subtract fractions of all types: common fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers. We also completed our third arithmetic paper and a times tables test. We are working hard to use the skills we are perfecting in our daily starters and applying them to our arithmetic tests, and we are seeing our scores improve weekly. Well done Y6.

In English we edited our Charles Darwin biographies and prepared them for our study work books. We will now move onto a new unit of English which will involve describing a setting.

In Spellings we focused on able and ible suffixes and thought about when these are used. We know that able is the most common of the two and is used when you can hear the root word.

In Book Club we all read with an adult and had a new comprehension question set. I am reminding all my children to read as often as possible with an adult and to record all entries in their diaries.

In History we looked back in time. How early did humans moved around the continent? We used known Stone Age settlements and our iPads and atlases to locate and plot on a map of the United Kingdom. We found out that Skara Brae was a Neolithic settlement that was unearthed after a ferocious storm.

Our Art unit continued as we created sculptures, again inspired by Alberto Giacometti. We use different media this week: pipe cleaners and tissue paper. Our chosen figures were accessorised with different items. We will use a new media next week and link our lesson to our Science unit.

We continued to build our knowledge on blood and its components in our Science unit. We used different fact cards to match to blood components and thought about their features. We will continue with this lesson this week.

Another great afternoon was spent with Mr Hadfield in forest schools. We built walls out of sticks and then learnt to use archery equipment safely. The sun shone for us and we all enjoyed our time outside.

We have also taken part in PE and completed health related activities with Mrs Jenkins.

In PHSE we continued to draft letters that we are hoping to send to a local care home. Joe came into class one day and asked if we could write letters to people who are living in care homes. He thought about how hard it must be during this second lockdown for the residents, and how a letter would be a cheerful event. Joe, your idea is a great one and we will finish our letters this week in time to send them out before Christmas.

In RE this week we continued to think about the term incarnation. We used the nativity scene to answer two questions. Which parts of the picture show the human part of the story and which parts show the Godly part of the story. Great discussion took place as we thought many parts showed both.

In Music we focused on a musician call Louis Armstrong. We listened to one of his songs: What a Wonderful World and as a class decided that not everyone enjoyed this piece, however everyone thought the message was a good one.

In Computing this week we visited Interland an esafety platform. This is a free site and can be accessed at home. I know many of my children love these activities.

New homework has been set. Please note that I have set an activity on Power Maths, so your child will need to log in to see if they have one to complete. I have set a fractions recap to support our lessons in class. Thank you for supporting your child when completing this as discussion is a key part of the recap.

Our theme day is fast approaching. I have it booked for 10th December as this is Human Rights Day and compliments our refugee topic well. Children do not need to dress up in anything particular, except to come in warm own clothes ready for a busy day. No food is required for our theme day. I will be moving our PE day to accommodate our theme day and will confirm this soon.

I am so proud of you all and hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Your Teacher,
Mrs B.

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