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A busy and productive week in Year 6! Goodness, just look at how much we have achieved!
We have worked so hard in Year 6 this week achieving many goals and feeling very proud of ourselves. I am so proud of you all too.

In Maths this week, we began a new unit using percentages. We have used a percentage wheel and number line to think about the equivalent fractions and decimals and we have also begun to find friendly percentages too. We are using this knowledge to find percentages of amounts and to think about where we may use them in real life situations. We will continue with this unit next week. We ended our week with an arithmetic paper, which we marked as a team and looked at those questions that were a little trickier.

In English this week we continued to learn our model write on the diary of Anne Frank. We can now retell the five paragraphs and we have used the model to identify the different tools used in this piece of writing. We have also boxed up our ideas about each paragraph and listed the tools used within them. We will now move onto a shared piece of writing using film footage of Black Saturday – the first night of the Blitz!

We have begun a new reading unit on the diary of Anne Frank. We have used different daily entries to understand her life and the Secret Annex she lived in for 25 months. We have thought about her feelings and how living in this small space must have affected her. Next week, we will spend the week reading our banded books to an adult in class. New comprehension questions will be set.

We have managed to squeeze in two History lessons this week. We began this unit by creating a Morrison's shelter feel in the classroom by crawling under our classroom tables whilst the siren was being played as we entered. We then listened to the Prime Minister of the time; Neville Chamberlain announce war upon Germany. We spent some time understanding why WW2 began and then we grouped ourselves into families and went outside to role play what it must have been like for families whilst listening to this broadcast. We thought about different feelings and how family members would have been called up for service.

Our second History lesson this week focused our attention on the word invasion. We worked in pairs, and with a 1939 map of Europe and 3 different coloured pieces of modelling dough. We listened carefully as I read the Dough War Walkthrough. We split our playdough into three pieces, one for Germany, one for the Soviet Union and one for Italy. Our invasion stopped on the 10th July 1940 as we listened to Winston Churchill's famous Battle of Britain speech. As the invasion took place, children recorded any questions they wanted to ask. We will look at these to discuss at the beginning of our next lesson.

In Science this week we continued our unit on light. We discussed different sources of light and how the moon doesn't give out light but reflects the sun. We used a torch and two mirrors to try to direct the light where we wanted. We learned about the incident ray and reflected ray and also how the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incident. We then moved on to building our own periscopes out of cereal boxes and mirrors. They all worked, and we had great fun looking over the top of things and around corners!

We enjoyed extra Science this week in Year 6 as we took part in National Science Week. We had the chance to work with High Impact and a weather balloon and we also took part in three different science experiments. Our Science week enhancements were a great way to learn about the science of Space. Mr Nottingham led the learning as we completed a rotation of three experiments. It was great fun learning about how the pressure and density changes as a balloon rises through space. We observed how the lack of air (a vacuum) can make physical changes to a marshmallow, a partially inflated balloon and water. Did you know that water boils at a lower temperature in a vacuum? We saw it boil at room temperature!

In Music we continued our WW2 song, Let's all go Down the Strand by Stanley Holloway. We sang along to the chorus whilst practising some more steps from the Charleston, expertly taught by Bella again. We're improving our forward step, tap, back step, tap and some of us have even got the hang of the swivel heels!

PE and cricket has taken place this week in Year 6. We are continuing to learn the skills needed for athletics and we are mastering the overarm bowl!

We ended our week with Big Art and how great our planes are looking. We are nearly ready for them to take to the skies, otherwise known as our classroom!

We celebrated Red Nose Day by dressing up as superheroes. They came in many different styles in Year 6 as we were superheroes, including nurses, doctors, policemen and even the armed forces! Well done Year 6 and thank you for your £1 donations.

I don't think we could have fitted anything else into our week. I am so impressed with how hard you are all working Year 6 and how focused you are as we move through our learning.
I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine and your time to play outside. See you all tomorrow.
Your teacher,
Mrs. B.

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