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This week we've been hammock makers, story writers and super sound investigators...

In our Maths sessions this week we looked at 1000s numbers. We represented numbers via place value charts, counters, bar models and part wholes to solidify our knowledge. We also used number lines to plot 1000s numbers on. We thought about the interval steps to help us. We also spent time competing starter questions ranging from rounding to column methods! We will continue our investigations into place value next week!

In Book Club we spent the week reading aloud, answering questions and completing book changes! Remember to keep reading your books.aloud at home to improve.your reading voice.

"Auto" was our spelling focus for the week. We worked in pairs throughout the week to practise spelling auto words, and putting them into sentences. We also spent time thinking about how to spell some Y3 and Y4 words too! Well done!

It was time to start our innovation stage in English this week! We spent all last week learning our story, boxing up the paragraphs and creating our writing toolkit! We spent our writing time this week on adapting and editing the storyline to create our own amazing adventure stories! We thought about our 3 targets throughout and wrote stories including paragraphs, speech and expanded noun phrases to describe! Everybody worked so hard throughout the week, and our stories sound absolutely amazing! Next week week will see us plan and write another story using all the skills we've learnt so far! I can't wait to read them!

Fire making, shelter building, leaf hunting were just some of the amazing things we got up to in Forest School this week! We started by looking at owl pellets, finding some skulls and bones was very interesting! We then moved on to building our fires, using the hashtag technique and lighting our petroleum jelly covered cotton pads. Some of our fires lasted 10 minutes! We continued to build and develop our shelters, and we moved on to hammock building too!

In Science, we continued to focus upon sound! This week saw us investigate how sound travels via the string phone test. We learnt that sound travels through.vibration and that these vibrations travel through both the air particles and other particles to allow us the hear! We created our phones and felt the vibrations passing through the string! We found out that sound travels better through solid objects and when travelling through the air particles it can be trickier to hear because the particles are more spaced out! On Friday, we then crested diagrams explaining this – they looked fantastic!

En Francais this week we focused upon body parts! We worked in pairs to practise our pronunciation of head, shoulders, knees and toes! We will perfect these next week, well done!

We continued with our question: "What does the story of Daniel teach us about God" teach us in R.E this week. We finished answering your questions about the story, and everybody now has a real good understanding of the story. This will allow us to think about the messages behind the story and how this links to our question next week!

With Harvest around the corner, it was time to practise our singing ready for our virtual service. Miss Holland led Y4 along with Y5 and Y6 in singing three songs. The children sounded beautiful and we will be ready to record our songs on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Dale

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