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Well, year 1 superstars haven't you worked hard this week. We have been authors, musicians, coders, mathematicians and scientists. Your talents and skills are just endless and you make Mrs VR and I SO proud.

This week in English, we started the week by planning our own three little pig's story. We decided to change the characters, setting and materials that the houses are made from. We planned a class one which was 'the three little fish and big bad shark' who made their houses from seaweed, coral and rocks. However, you all had such fantastic individual ideas that I had to let you plan your own and we've had all sorts of stories. We've had the three little squirrels and the big bad fox to the three little penguins and the big bad polar bear. Honestly, your imagination and understanding this week has just blown me away. Once we had planned our stories we started to write them. We have done a paragraph a day and we have understood that we have to take our time so our writing can be the neatest it can be. Your understanding of writing narrative stories has come on so much through this topic to where you are independently creating your own little stories in the provision. I can't wait for us to finish our stories so that we can record them and put them on seesaw for our families to watch.

In reading, you have been continuing to go to your little phonics groups so that you could learn your new sounds. Both groups have gone onto new sounds this week and you were all incredible. We also started our reading this week and it has been so lovely to listen to you all read with so much confidence. Once again I was very happy to see all of the reading you are completing at home.

In maths, you have been busy bees learning a new concept which was how to compare numbers. We took some time away from power maths earlier this week so we could understand how to compare numbers and to concentrate on gaining the mathematical language of more than, less than, greater and fewer. We learned that Colin the crocodile is a greedy crocodile and always wants to eat the greatest number and we have to show this by using a symbol where the crocodile's mouth is open to the greatest number e.g., 7>0. We have had so much fun snapping up the greater numbers. In power maths you have been comparing groups, numbers of objects and numbers whilst using the <, > and = symbols. This is a completely new concept but you took it in your own stride and by the end of the week, you all understood how to compare numbers independently. Once again this made me one very happy and proud teacher.

In science this week, we had so much fun becoming the three little pigs. We had the challenge to find out what the strongest material was to build a house out of. We learned what a prediction was and you made your very first prediction. You then either made your house out of lollipop sticks, plastic bricks, paper towels, cotton wool or tin foil. Then came the big bad wolf (a hairdryer) and we had to see if with a minute of blowing would your house fall down or was it strong enough to withheld the huff and puff from the big bad wolf. We then made a conclusion which explained if the results of the experiment and if the material of the house was strong enough. It turned out that the strongest material was the plastic bricks and the weakest was the cotton wool.

In music this week, we started the lesson by learning a little more about our musician of the month and I was surprised by how much you remembered about Elton John. We found out that he is from London which we now know is the capital city of England and that he also sang another song from the lion king 'can you feel the love tonight'. You used a feelings chart to choose how this song makes you feel and then you told me why it made you feel in this way. We then carried on being rap artists and rapping to the song 'hey you'. A few of you were given an untuned percussion instrument so that you could play the pulse and help to keep us all in tune.

In computing this week you completed another unplugged activity and we learned more about coding and algorithms. You can now confidently tell me that an algorithm is a list of instructions that tells a computer or a robot what to do. We recapped the symbol for forwards and then we delved further into our learning and learned the symbol for a turn. We followed algorithms, matched algorithms up and then created our own to get our transport home. All of these algorithms had a turn symbol and you were very good at using this.

In art this week we started our new topic on canal art. We learned that the proper name for a canal boat was a narrowboat. We learned about the history of canal boats and how they were used for transporting goods around the country. We realised that this wasn't needed when the railway and trains were invented but people still lived on these boats. As their homes were small and overcrowded they wanted to brighten them up with canal art. We found out that canal art mainly consists of roses, castles and patterns. We created our own bright rose with oil pastels which are now displayed in our art books. We learned that with an oil pastel you can create defined lines but you can also use your finger to smudge the colour around your rose to create a softer look.

On Tuesday you had PE and PHSCE with Mrs Jenkins. You learned in PHSCE that whatever you put in to your heart must come out. This helped you to understand that positivity and self-worth is key to a healthy heart and mind.

Finally, we finished the week with RE and we learned about the creation story. We started by thinking about how we felt when we've ever made something. Did it make you feel happy? Did it make you feel excited? Did you want to show it to everyone? Then we learned about how God created the world. We looked at everything in our world and we found out that some objects are man-made (made by humans) and some objects are natural (made by God). You then sorted a group of objects on your tables into man-made and natural.

As well as all of this busywork, we have been enjoying time together in the garden. We have been enjoying our new maths shed and resources, which was a Monday surprise for us all. We are so lucky in Y1 to have such an amazing garden where we can let our imaginations run freely.

Your homework this week has been sent to you. You have got your school jam homework and your bingo homework. Remember your maths homework is sent to you on a weekly basis and your bingo homework a termly homework so you have till Christmas. I am so happy to see all of your beautiful work come through to me on seesaw and we have been enjoying showing everyone in year 1 during our show and tell time.

Year 1 you have made me so proud this week. Your behaviour and love of learning have shone through to where lots of teachers are telling me how well you have settled into the year 1 rhythm and routines. As your teacher, this makes my heart smile with so much happiness so a big well done to you all.

Have a lovely weekend and as always I will see you on Monday at the Y1 gate,

Miss Haynes

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