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We have had another successful and busy week in year 1 and you have continued to make me so proud. In just one week we have learnt so much whilst enjoying our topic of transport.

In English, we have been wonderful writers whilst becoming fully engrossed in the story of the 'three little pigs'. At the start of the week we continued to re tell the story using actions and I am so impressed that so many of you have gone home and practiced it with your families. You have pretended to be one of the three little pigs and you have written about what you would make your house out of. You definitely used your imaginations as we ended up with chocolate, sweet and flower houses. We played the 'roll a story' game to help us understand the structure of a traditional tale and we ended up with lots of crazy stories, we definitely had a giggle. This then helped you to write sentences to describe what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the three little pigs. We finished the week with finally catching the big bad wolf! He was sent to prison but it wasn't as simple as that because the wolf was saying that he wasn't guilty. We read the book 'The true story of the three little pigs' which is written from the wolf's perspective. We then had to decide if we wanted to believe the wolf or the pigs. You wrote some fantastic sentences in your book explaining why you believed the wolf or the pigs. I don't know about you Y1 but I am just so thankful that we managed to catch that big bad wolf!

In maths, we started our Y1 power maths journey this week. We have been learning our numbers to 10. You have been sorting objects into groups, counting objects to 10, writing your numbers to 10, counting backwards from 10 and even finding one more than and one less than a given number. When you first got your Y1 power maths books out you were a little worried because of how big they are but you have shown fantastic resilience as you have flown through questions and have taken on the challenge questions. You have even used your learning and maths skills independently in our different areas, which has been wonderful to see.

This week we also started phonics where you have been your learning new sounds with Mrs VR or I. We have been so proud of how engaged you have been in the lessons and it was nice to see you all enjoying the reading of new sounds and words. I am also really pleased to see how much reading has been happening at home. I am definitely going to have stock up on my stickers!

In science this we week we have continued to learn about everyday materials. We learnt about the properties of different materials by using our sense of touch to feel the materials and compare them to each other. We then matched the materials to their property and we found out that some materials can have quite a few properties.

In art this week we finished our baskets on our hot air balloons and now they are displayed in the classroom. We are all so proud of them! We also looked at primary and secondary colours. We found out that the colours yellow, blue and red cannot be made from any other colours so these are our primary colours. We found out that we can make secondary colours by mixing our primary colours together. We definitely had fun mixing colours together!

In RE this week we had a discussion about what we already know about God. We spoke about what we think he may look like? Where we think he is? What we think he does? How we can follow in his footsteps? You had such lovely ideas. You said that he lives on the moon and that's why it is so bright at night. You said that he lives in our hearts and we carry him whenever we go on a journey which makes us feel safe. You also said that he is our father and he teaches us how to make right choices.

In Geography, our naughty bus visited the United Kingdom and you looked at how the United Kingdom is made up from four countries. You found the four countries in an atlas and you labelled them on your map. We will look more at these countries and their capital cities next lesson.

In computing, you explored the app piccollage and created picture boards of your favourite types of transport. You learned how to take photos, upload them, change the background and some of you were challenged further and were adding text to your collages.

In music this week, we practiced our 'hey you' song whilst still finding the pulse in the song. We got the percussion instruments out and explored the names and materials that the instruments are made from. We spoke about how we play the instrument and how to look after it. We then grouped the instruments together on the material that they are made from. We found out that the different materials on the percussion instrument can create a different sound.

As well as all of this amazing learning we have been so lucky with the weather that we couldn't miss the opportunity of spending time in the garden in our different areas. You've been digging for fossils in the construction area, you've been playing caf├ęs and families in the play house, you've been washing different types of transport in the car wash and you've been using the maths resources to count back from 10. I have a special surprise in the garden waiting for you on Monday and I can't wait for you all to see it. I was very excited when it was delivered on Friday evening.

It sure has been a busy week Y1 and so much learning has taken place. You have made Mrs VR and I SO proud. You are my superstars and I want you to continue to shine bright. Have a lovely, restful weekend.

See you on Monday morning,
Miss Haynes

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