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On your last full week of school you've been very busy creating your own adventure stories, cracking codes in maths and completing the socks sports day.
In English this week, you started the week off with a SPaG activity where you had to write some independent sentences whilst remembering what to include in your sentence to make it super. Our spelling now in Y1 is just fantastic. On Tuesday we went on a bubble adventure to help us to create our own stories. You were introduced to Bob the bubble and his story of feeling useless until he helped two animals by putting them in his bubble to take the animals where they need to go. You wrote five sentences to describe each of the five main parts of the story. This helped you to understand the structure of an adventure story so that for the rest of the week you could plan your own. Once you had planned your own bubble stories you spent two days writing your story. We had Zoey the bubble who helped horses and flamingos, we had sonic the bubble who helped bees and dragons and we also had doctor who the bubble who helped cyber men and k9s. Honestly, year 1 I am really proud of the effort and the thought that went into your imaginative stories. They were a delight to read and they just highlighted the progress you have made this year.
In maths we finished our numbers to 100 on Monday and Tuesday by looking at our number bonds to 100. We realised that we can use our number bonds to 10 to help us with our number bonds to 100 because we are simply multiplying each number bond by 10. You answered reasoning and problem solving questions to help understand this learning on a deeper level. For the rest of the week we focused on position and direction, which turned out to be a little more difficult than we thought however you showed great resilience. We were directing each other, playing games of Simon says and trying to find easier ways to understand our lefts and rights. You then finished the week by using your skills of position and direction to crack some codes. You even created your own code that you challenged me to crack.
In phonics, you've been carrying on watching Rosie and completing your spellings that have your new sound of the day in. You've also challenged yourself to hold a sentence which I am very proud of you for going the extra mile. In school we have been continuing on with our phonics lessons taught by me and I am just amazed at how many sounds you all know and fast your reading speed is getting.
In our afternoon tasks you have spent a lot of time completing the sports day challenges and I am so excited to find out which team has won. Even Alfie and I joined in with the sock challenges until Alfie very cheekily ran away with the socks.
In school, we focused on science and plants this week. We started the week off with sorting out lots of different types of plants into plant and non-plants. Many of you put flowering plants into the plant section and trees, sea weed and moss into the non-plant section. Your minds were soon blown when you found out that they were all plants because a plant is anything that starts off with a seed or a bulb and the flower/ petals is just a part of a plant. We then went on our way to find different plants around school and we used a view finder to help us. The following day we learnt about the different parts of a plant and we dissected our own plant to find what the different parts look and feel like. We learnt about the functions of all 4 parts and we then set of to do an experiment to show how the stem moves water around the plant. We used carnations and food dye and to our surprise after two days we had red and blue flowers. It sure has been a fun week!
Year one I can't believe how much this year has flown by and I am definitely holding onto these last few days. I know we can make them the best! It was lovely to speak to some of the families who are still currently at home so that I could catch up and say bye before the end of the summer. I will finish these phone calls off this week.
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Haynes

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