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Welcome back Y1!

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Welcome back year one! We have had a lovely week delving straight into our home learning. We've been waddling around the Sydney harbour in our English topic, we have been subtracting numbers within 20 and we have been creating our own dots in our wellbeing week. It sure has been a busy week!

In English this week, we started by looking at a story about an Australian penguin called Trixie Stickybeak. We learned that Trixie was quite an adventurous little penguin that often got herself very exhausted to the point she would fall asleep in the middle of the ocean. Luckily, there was always someone there to save her. You immersed yourself in this story by creating fantastic pieces of writing. You wrote a letter to Jessica to say thank you for saving you from the old wooden boat. You then built upon your skills and planned your own diary entry of a new adventure that Trixie Stickybeak had been on. You learned about the structure of a diary and then used your imaginations to run freely so you could write the next adventure. They were great to read and I was so proud of your writing.

You have been watching your phonics videos each day and learning all of your new sounds. You are going to be set three superstars when I see you back in school. Once you have watched the videos, you use your skills of 'Fred talk' and 'Fred in your head' to read your books. Thank you for sending me all of your videos of you reading, it really does make my day.

In maths, you have worked through some tricky concepts and showed great resilience towards your maths work. You have been working through your power maths book and subtracting within 20. You have subtracted both tens and ones. You found different ways to subtract by crossing 10. You even solved subtraction word problems and I was so pleased with all of the determination you showed by completing all of the questions in your power maths books. When we are back in school we will go over these concepts in a little more detail so that we can master these skills.

Our afternoons have been very busy this week filled with lots of great activities and learning opportunities. On Monday, you took a virtual plane to Australia and you learned all about how the continent has lots of beautiful landmarks that you could visit and how you would need the Australian dollar if you wanted to buy anything from there. On Tuesday, you built on your fundamental skills by practicing your dance moves whilst pretending to be superheroes. On Wednesday, you stepped into the groove in your music lesson by listening to the song 'livin la vida loca' whilst dancing and singing. What fun you had! On Thursday in computing, you learned all about the robot perseverance which is currently on mars collecting rocks and soils and taking photos. It blew our minds to find out that a robot could be sent out to space and you were in awe at pictures of the 'red planet'. We finished our week by listening to the story of the dot in your wellbeing activity and you created your own wonderful dots which will be displayed in school.

Although we have had a wonderful week I don't think anything could have been better than finding out I get to welcome you all back safely on Monday 8th March. I am far too excited and we have started to count down the days till we get to see our school family together again.

Have a lovely weekend superstars,

Miss Haynes

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