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Welcome back to PE news!
It's so lovely to be back teaching all of our classes this term. We've had wonderful weather this week!
Years 1 & 2 have begun our unit of net and wall skills. We started by focussing on our throwing and catching. Were we being accurate with our throws so that our partners can easily catch the ball? We had a little competition to see which pair could throw and catch the most without dropping the ball and we got to a staggering 49! We then moved on to play a game of cage dodgeball. In teams of 6, 2 children were outside the cage with balls and everyone else was inside trying to dodge the balls! If we got hit we swapped to be a thrower outside. Super fun!
Years 3 & 4 have started a badminton unit. We began by using our hands as rackets to try to get a feel for the flight of a shuttlecock. We found it very different to a tennis ball as the feathers slow the shuttlecock down quickly! We then moved on to using a racket to learn and practise an underarm hit with some of us progressing to an overarm hit. A great job everyone!
We have also started a rounders unit with Miss McCurrie and Mr Dale.
Years 5 & 6 have been learning volleyball. We started by learning a basic volleyball hand grip, crossing our palms and squeezing our thumbs together. We also need to keep our arms straight with our elbows pressed together. We then learned the 'bump' where we use our grip to bump the ball away and the 'dig' which is similar to the bump but used to get balls lower to the ground. We were brilliant!
We have also started a cricket unit in y5 with Miss Welch and a tennis unit in y6 with Mrs Burns.
It's been a super week, lots of fun and hard work with some outstanding performances and amazing resilience from children who think they 'can't' do something, having a go and finding out they actually 'can!' Fantastic!!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs Jenkins

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