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We have made it to half term Y6

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Wow Y6 we have made it to half term and what an amazing team we have been. You have worked so hard using your home learning tasks and I am super proud of you all.

We have worked hard this week In SpaG to think about informal and formal language and to use these skills to complete different tasks. We ended our week off with an email to a friend. You used lots of informal language and wrote about all sorts of news. Well done.

In English this week we have worked on writing blurbs and creating exciting book covers too. You have used pictures, film trailers and even a John Lewis advert to come up with blurbs that would sell a bestseller. Even though these pieces were not very long you still needed to think about the language being used to bring your writing alive. Your front covers were very artistic and would certainly encourage me to buy your book. We ended out week with a reading comprehension task and an optional quiz.

We have been lucky to listen to our class author Michelle Paver today as she shared information about her writing and how she is inspired to come up with the different genres of books she writes. The Hay Festival has been running all week and today was the day of our author. Thank you to Mrs Coney for sharing this link with us.

In Maths this week we have completed our unit on line graphs. We have drawn many line graphs including comparative line graphs and created questions too. I am so proud of you Y6. You have worked so hard to grasp these graphs and I am so Impressed. You set out your x and y axis and ensured your graphs were labelled correctly too. You ended the week with three lines on your last comparative graph with a key to explain each one. Well done.

You have dipped in and out of your afternoon activities and created some interesting graphs to show the sugar content of foods. You have cooked some lovely dishes too. You have kept your volleyball in the air for as long as possible and you have enjoyed the beluga song of the week.

We ended our week with some sharing of our pet photos. How cute they all are.

Y6 you inspire me every day and I am truly missing you all. Have a fantastic half term and keep safe.

Your Teacher
Mrs B.

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