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We have made it to half term Y6

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And half term is upon us! Where does the time go?

This week in Maths we focused on factors and multiples of numbers. We have used our knowledge to find the highest and lowest common factors and multiples and used these facts to discuss reasoning problems. We have also worked with prime numbers and thought about identifying them using divisibility. We know that a prime number only has 2 factors, and we will continue with this unit next term as we move onto squared, cubed and orders of numbers.

In English this week we have continued to work on our grammar and punctuation. Our area of focus has been recapping coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. We have used these conjunctions to create compound and complex sentences and then secured our knowledge whist completing activities in our CGP SpaG books.

Our Spelling focus this week has been the sh sound. We have used ci and ti as alternative ways of hearing the sh sound when a suffix is added. Many words are a spelling challenge in this area, from pronunciation to conscience to conscious! I know I have to think about these spellings when using them! Great job Y6.

Book Club this week has been a week of assessments. Well done to you all if you have completed an assessment. I am so proud of all your hard work and determination.

In Science this week we have researched information about Charles Robert Darwin and found out about his life. We will use these facts to create a short biography ready to display in our studywork books. We are also busy preparing different parts of our bird experiment to share with you too.

In our Art lesson this week we focused on observational drawings of Brown Finch birds. These birds were found by Charles Darwin in the Galapagos Islands and formed his early opinions on evolution. We chose the bird that represented our chosen beak in our experiment to draw. Shading, feathering and careful detailing enabled us to create a lovely drawing to accompany our biography on Charles Darwin.

We have taken part in PE and PHSE with Mrs Jenkins this week.

We finished our week by completing a timetables test and reviewing our Spag.com activities.

There is no new homework set for Y6 over half term. I would like to thank you all for supporting your children during this term in completing all weekly homework. I have not set new homework as I think a well-earned break is deserved. Well done Y6. I am very proud of you.

We have shared another Y6 worship with school this week. This time our Friendship Squad and Digital Leaders made their announcements.

We have enjoyed being part of the Pumpkin Heroes Day today. We came together to light our pumpkin and celebrate God's light and love for everyone in partnership with World Vision.

Please note that our PE day will change to Thursday next half term. This is to enable my class to take part in Forest Schools which will be scheduled for a Wednesday afternoon. I will send out an email shortly with information about this great opportunity.

Y6, what a super term we have all had. You have settled into Y6 and have worked extremely hard. What a team we are. Have a wonderful half term, stay safe and enjoy your family time.

Your teacher,
Mrs B.

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