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We have had such a fun week as we have taken part in 'Science Week' and dressed up as superheroes for Comic Relief. Your costumes were excellent. Thank you for dressing up and donating to such a great cause.

This week's Science Week has been linked to space and the amazing achievements of the men and women at N.A.S.A who successfully landed the rover, Perseverance, on Mars last month. On Tuesday, the dizzying heights of space came a little closer to Wybunbury Delves as we gathered on the school field and watched a space balloon lift off. The scientist told us that the gigantic helium balloon can reach the top of the stratosphere. Cameras and thermometers are attached so as the balloon soars data can be sent back down. How cool! Unfortunately, due to the windy conditions our balloon stayed firmly tethered to a rope, but this meant we were all able to have a go at holding it. This was scary as the wind made it a challenging task.

For English this week, we used this as motivation to write a detailed recount of the exciting event. To make our writing exciting, we used interesting openers and tried our best to use powerful vocabulary. We also focused on homophones and how to turn verbs into the past tense too.

As it was 'Science Week', one of our afternoon tasks was linked to it too. We were set the task of planning an experiment to see who could make their rocket blast off the highest. As part of the planning, we considered what needed to stay the same and what needed to be different. For our experiment, each table decided to change a different thing. Some of us will be changing bottle sizes. Others will be changing water temperature. And finally some will be changing the number of tablets we add. (The tablets will dissolve to create carbon dioxide which in turn increases the pressure inside the bottle and makes it blast off.) We are very excited to carry out our experiment next week! Another one of our tasks was designing our own rockets. We have taken our time drawing them and they are looking cool.

In our other afternoon lessons we have also done History, R.E, P.H.S.E, Music and P.E. . It's been a busy week. In History, we learned about prehistoric beasts and created a set of clues for a 'Guess Who' game. In R.E, we learnt about the symbols we find at Easter and how they are linked to the Easter story. In PHSE you continued learning how to be Heartsmart and in Music you learnt how to play the 'c' cord on the ukelele. Miss Holland was very impressed with how good you were. In P.E. you continued learning about athletics. This involved leaning about hurdles, shot put and javelin.

In Maths this week, we looked at strategies for how to subtract two two-digit numbers, and then we moved onto our new topic of statistics. For this topic, we have been learning how to create tally charts and pictograms. We have also started looking at how we can use the data they display to answer questions.

I hope you have a great weekend,

Miss P

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