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'Share God's love, shine God's light
We're pumpkin heroes and we'll shine real bright!'

What a lovely way to finish our half term Reception, as we revisited World Visions Patch the Pumpkin and his friends as they set off on another fun adventure to help us learn a bit about what it means to be a good friend, by believing in and encouraging others. Our pumpkin was carved so that we to, could help spread the message of God's light and love to others.

In our personal, social and emotional development this week we have enjoyed trying to be in the moment and meditating during our breathing exercise during our mindfulness session.
Boris our Heartsmart robot shared a story about himself about how he had been made from broken and thrown away materials but with a loving heart, he is unique and wonderfully made. Boris very kindly sent us individual messages about how special and important we all are and how we are all loved. Thank you Boris, we loved getting our messages, it filled our hearts with joy!

In our daily phonics sessions this week, as part of our literacy development, we have added special friend sounds ng, nk and x to our known sounds. We have practiced saying the sounds in different words, reading sounds, writing sounds, and blending sounds to say the words that Fred (our phonics frog) has sounded out to us. In word time we distinguished how many sounds we can hear in a spoken word, used our 'Fred fingers' to identify each sound and then used this knowledge to make words in our writing and reading activities across the week.

In our mathematical development, we have completed our mastery checkpoints for the mathematical concepts we have explored this term and to see if we could confidently and independently apply the concept in a variety of situations. So lots of counting forwards and backwards, 1:1 correspondence, cardinality to 5, counting to 5 and back using abstraction., comparing quantities of objects within 5, notice inequalities and represent groups using cubes.

In PE this week with Mrs Swan, as part of our physical development, we have built upon our movement skills and learnt to side step...like a crab! Our love of running has intensified this week and the daily mile is becoming one of our favourite parts of the day, so much so, that some of us have dedicated time to creating a route around the garden to create the 'mini mile' to enjoy running around when we are in the garden. Perhaps our next club should be a running club?

In our communication and language development this week, we listened to poem by Benjamin Zephaniah as part of Black History month and then discussed the sentiments of people needing people. This helped us to then consider who we are are thankful for and why. We have also enjoyed listening to stories from black authors this week: 'My special hair' and 'The mega magic hair swap'

We have been extremely proud this week to start to put together our work from this term for our study book. We have looked at some of our original pieces of work and recapped what we have learnt this term so far and how we can present that information for our families to see. I think they are going to be so amazed by what they see!

And finally in music, part of our creative arts and design development, we learnt some more nursery rhymes and listened to a piece of music and discussed whether we liked it or not and explained why.

So my lovely little pumpkins:
Share your love and shine your light over the half term break.
Stay safe and look after yourselves and your families.
Mrs Taylor

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