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Well done Reception class, we have completed our first week in school. It may have been a short week but we have certainly packed lots of activities in and have lots of exciting news to share with everyone!

Our focus for learning this term is 'Journeys and Discoveries' and we are excited to be embarking on a journey of self discovery over the next few weeks.

For our communication and language development this week, we have listened to adults as part of a large group, maintained concentration, then followed a sequence of short instructions. Amazingly in just a few days, we have fantastic carpet time manners, we can use our magnet eyes and listening ears to the person that is speaking and can take turns in a conversation when we are talking to our talking partner.

We have particularly enjoyed listening to the story 'The pencil' by Allan Ahlberg and getting to know the main characters of the story. Each time we came to read a new part of the story we used the pictures to recap the main points, we also made some predictions about why some events happened and what we thought might happen next.

As part of our physical development we have practiced holding a pencil effectively to our write name and also to draw a self-portrait by observing our facial features in a mirror. Some of us are not quite sure which hand we want to use yet but as the weeks go on I'm sure we will pick whichever has the comfiest grip!

We have also enjoyed exploring our class garden this week and setting up some great adventure trails using logs and planks of wood for our friends to balance and walk along. It was great to see some consideration and decisions made to safety and ensuring that each section was stable to walk on.

This week has been very much about settling into the rhythms and routines of school life
and we have done that brilliantly. Our focus for personal, social and emotional development has been to come in independently in the morning, which we have been utterly brilliant at, and forming good relationships with our peers and adults in the setting. Considering that some of us haven't been in school since March, it has been a joy to see old friendships renewed and new ones formed.

In our literacy development this week we have practiced writing our name and recognising some of the letter sounds we need to do that. In classroom provision, some of us have been independently making pictures and cards for family members and writing letters which have then been put into envelopes and addressed to whoever we wished to give them to. Unicorn drawings have been a very popular independent choice this week, we hope our grown ups have enjoyed receiving such carefully drawn offerings!

For our mathematical development this week we have explored the mathematics provision in the classroom and using the resources, counting small numbers of objects with 1:1 good matching. The weighing scales have been a very popular independent choice where comparisons have been made about which objects are heavier or lighter. So far we have discovered that the pebbles are heavier than the shells but some conkers and shells weigh the same. This has led to some interesting conversations about the size of objects and wondering why some things may be heavier than others.

In our development of understanding the world, we have joined in with the routines and customs of being part of a church school family, that maybe different from our own family customs, by saying a lunchtime prayer before eating. Next week we look forward to joining the rest of the school for virtual collective worship after lunch each day.

And finally in our expressive arts and design development we have explored selecting colours for a particular purpose as we have coloured our self portraits, paying close attention to the colour of our eyes, lips, skin and hair. Good observations were made and shared with our friends, whose appearance were different to ours. Whilst we are the same in many ways, we are wonderfully unique!

We also made prints of our hands in paint so that we can made a picture of our holding holds to show we are a class family and embarking on our amazing learning journey together.

Have a wonderful weekend, rest up ready for another exciting week of adventures and learning!
Mrs Taylor and the reception team: Miss Alex and Miss Rachel x

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