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Ahoy there Reception class pirates.

You have all been absolute superstar learners this week, whether you have been at home or in provision in school. The standard of work you have produced has been incredible and we have loved watching all the videos and listening to voice messages on SeeSaw, it has been the highlight of our week!

Lets recap on our learning...

In our mathematical development we have started our unit of work on numbers to 10 and have focused on the numbers 6,7 and 8. We have practiced counting 8 objects and shown them using concrete representations. We introduced the ten frame as a way of showing the number of items that we counted in the discovery part of our work, using counters as a representation of an amount. In our practical activities we have discovered numbers in the abstract form by counting claps and jumps, even listening quietly to hear the number of marbles falling into a pot. We finished our week by having a treasure hunt to match items of treasure to a given number.

In our literacy development we have continued to explore the story 'The night pirates' by Peter Harris and created a story map to help retell the story. Then we identified who the key characters of the story are, creating lists of describing words for them. We then further challenged ourselves to write a couple of sentences about our favourite character. Building upon this work, we then looked at our own favourite story books and explained why we liked them and identified the main characters in the text. As a class that enjoys reading, our last task of the week was to build a reading den to enjoy reading our favourite book in. They looked fabulous and very cosy! I hope you get lots of enjoyment out of them over the weekend.

In our Understanding of the World Development we discussed going on journeys, what journeys we make and then extended to journeys pirates might go on. Using sticks, we made a journey stick after collecting three items on our walk around the field and attached them to our stick. This then helped us to create a story map to show the journey the pirates had taken.

In looking at the world around us we had an introduction to habitats and identified different habitats and the animals that might live there. We then designed a habitat for one of our cuddly toys! And my goodness they looked magnificent, their every need had been catered for!

In PE we have explored different ways of hopping, jumping and leaping in a space. We practiced jumping over, around, behind and in front of some of our toys and then developed landing after jumps without wobbling and landing on a target piece of paper without slipping. Easier said than done!

In people and communities we learnt about birthdays and why we celebrate birthdays and identify when our own birthday is. We then thought about some of the ways that we celebrate birthdays and made an invitation to a party for a teddy.

Our computing job this week was all about coding! We created mazes out of Lego, blocks, or playing cards and then picked a small toy that we then challenged our grown ups to use commands like "forwards, backwards, right, left, stop" to get the toy out of the maze. We have become very inventive with our resources this week and let our imaginations run wild!

In our creative arts and design, music session we have listened to and joined in with pirates songs which we have continued to enjoy across the week.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Ward, Alex and Rachael.

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