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Another busy week in Reception!
Here is a little glimpse of what we have been up to....

This week in our Heartsmart session, as part of our personal, social, emotional development, we considered all the things we love and are close to our hearts and described how they made us feel. We illustrated our thoughts in a heart which we made into one collective heart to share our love for our self and one another. This was such a lovely activity, I think a few of our family members would have very happy tears in their eyes if they had heard our thoughts: it was just beautiful! On Monday we completed our mindful activity: doodling to music. The tricky part was using both hands and moving them in a mirrored action to get both sides of our brain connected at the same time!

To develop our communication and language we have enjoyed listening to our favourite stories each day, from our 'Top Ten' book basket and joined in with repeated refrains. If parents would like to record themselves reading a story onto Tapestry and be a mystery reader each day, we would love to add them to our daily story time!

In our daily phonics sessions this week, as part of our literacy development, we have added r, j, v, y and w to our known sounds. We have practiced saying the sounds in different words, reading sounds, writing sounds, and blending sounds to say the words that Fred (our phonics frog) has sounded out to us. In word time we distinguished how many sounds we can hear in a spoken word, used our 'Fred fingers' to identify each sound and then used this knowledge to make words in our writing and reading activities across the week.

We are becoming more confident writers in our literacy activities as we are becoming more familiar with set 1 RWI sounds. We can confidently sound out words using our Fred fingers and have wrote labels, captions and sentences this week. As it was wisely said this week ' This is getting easier now, I can do it!'

In our mathematical development this week, we have compared groups of identical objects using the language, more, fewer and less. first we looked at inequalities in similar objects by identifying what was the same and what was different, making comparisons. Then we began to compare groups of objects using a baseline to see which had more or fewer, which we then transferred into different representations. As well as recognising groups with more or fewer we realised that some groups can be equal and have the same number of objects.

To aid our physical development, in PE we discovered different ways to jump, thinking about bending our knees to land and using our arms to help us. Even though it has been a very wet and windy week at times, it has not stopped us getting out each morning to complete our daily mile. If fact I think we ran a little quicker in the rain! Today saw Harlan and Luke run their mile in 15 minutes! I think we may have some great long distance runners in the reception class!

We learnt about rock and roll music with Mrs Swan in our expressive arts and design development and used actions to help us remember lyrics.

It was lovely to share our harvest celebrations with our families this week via Tapestry. A huge thank you for your generosity in making donations for the Foodbank in Nantwich, I know these will be gratefully received. We recognise that it is important to think about others and so have thought of a person outside of school, in our own communities that we thing shows kindness or love towards us, after listening to the words that Jesus spoke in our bible story in worship on Wednesday. We added their name to a piece of paper and placed them in a prayer box to say thank you to God. In our RE lesson this week we also listened to the story of David and Goliath and explored the concept of God.

This afternoon we finished our week with another exciting unplugged coding activity. Using set words: forward, backward and turn we created an algorithm (instructions) for our partner to follow to get Jack to move around the storyboard. We are loving these sessions, so thank you Mr Dale for the great ideas.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Taylor, Alex and Rachael.

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