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Reception class news 09.07.21

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Reception class, this certainly has been a week of celebrations!
Our caterpillars completed their metamorphosis into butterflies, emerging from their pupas at the start of our school day. It was very exciting seeing them emerge before our eyes and we released them into our garden safely for the weekend. We chose some flowers to rest them on so they could have easy access to nectar when they are ready.

And secondly, we got to celebrate all our missed birthday parties since March 2020 on party day Friday. It was a wonderful sight to see everybody dressed up in their party clothes, enjoying a super picnic, blowing bubbles and playing some party games. We loved singing 'Happy Birthday' to everyone. It was said it was the best day ever and could we do it everyday? What a lovely thought.

Our Heartsmart time, as part of our Personal, Social and Emotional Development, enabled us to play a game to dress up using hats from different uniforms. This gave us a starting point to think about the jobs we would like to do when we are older. Becoming a teacher was very popular, as well as doctors, dentists, footballers and vets. We learnt about the importance of working hard with a message from Boris. 'You can do anything if you work hard and don't give up.'

This relates closely to Colossians 3:23, 'In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were working for the Lord, not for men.'

This week is Health and Relationship week and in lesson 1 we began by learning about how important friends are, and how to recognise when somebody is happy, sad and shy. We discovered what this looks like using a range of photos as examples. A story all about Ezza the Zebra helped us to think about how to welcome people if they are feeling sad, shy or worried. By the end of the lesson we thought about our new steps in learning. 'Now I can get better at making friends' 'Now I can tell them about me.' 'Now I can show them where to go so they don't get sad or lost.

In lesson 2, we learnt to recognise the importance of saying sorry and forgiveness and being kind. Our story about Ezza the Zebra helped us to thinks about why saying sorry is important, we know that arguing with our friends and apologising can make friendships stronger. Resorting to violence is never right.

In lesson 3 we learnt to recognise that all families are different. Our story about Ezza the Zebra explored his worries about his family as he thought his family was different to everyone else's families. We read 'The Family Book' by Todd Parr and talked about how all families are made up differently. We then looked at different pictures of families and chose to draw a picture of our own family or one from the pictures.

In our Physical Development this week with Mrs Swan, we practiced the different races we would take part in for sports day next week and enjoyed learning how to box with Hayley. We were very excited about this!

In our Mathematical Development we recapped the concept of weight. We checked our understanding of the meaning of heavy and light objects. Then we compared two items and
learnt how to use the balance scales show which item is lighter or heavier.

In our Understanding the World Development we have put the finishing details and labels to our butterfly lifecycle for our study work books. We are very proud of our study work books so far and have had a busy week completeting different tasks to show our understanding of topics we have covered this year. We look forward to sharing them with our families at the end of next week.

Mrs Ward and the Early Years Team

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