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Look what our cute little pumpkins have been up to...


Despite the bad weather this morning for Year 3 forest school session, Mr Hadfield managed to...


Another super busy, fun filled pumpkin day has been had.We have painted pumpkins, baked cakes...


Our pumpkin fun week has begun and what a wonderful day we have had. Take a look at some photos...

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Another busy week in reception...

Our main theme for learning this week has been the Easter story, linked to our RE unit on the death and resurrection of Jesus as part of our understanding the world development. We have been exploring why Christians create Easter gardens and place three crosses in them. Our own Easter garden, which we planted up last week, has been a great source of joy and amazement this week as the grass has started to grow. During independent learning time, some of us have continued to add more detail to the garden: Mary and John. These were made from craft materials and placed at the foot of the main cross to represent John looking after Jesus' mother after Jesus asked him to. The detail and time spent on these figures was incredible, well done reception team.

In our communication, language and literacy development we have carefully listened to the Easter story. Retold the main events of Holy week, Good Friday and Easter Monday in our own words, which helped to form a script for us to follow in our retelling of the story. Travelling back in time, we dressed for the occasion and acted out the story which we are hoping to share with our families next week.

In our mathematical development we have been developing our vocabulary and understanding of positional and directional language in practical contexts. We compared what was the same and different about a collection of toys in two different pictures. using a class teddy and a dolls bed, we used stem sentences to explain if teddy was under, on, behind, in front of and at the side of the bed. In practical activities we built upon our great coding knowledge to use positional language to describe a rout for teddy to follow to get to the tree house. We are so good at this now, we definitely have some future computer programmers amongst us!

In our physical development with Mrs Swan, we practised running and dodging each other, then running with our heads up, looking where we were going, running at different speeds and then changing directions.

We looked at Easter songs, as part of our expressive arts and design development and tried to choose two... we chose' Clever Little Bulbs' and 'The Easter Egg trail' We had fun making up actions to help us remember the words.

During our Heartsmart time, as part of our personal social and emotional development, we explored how important it is to listen to our friends.
'Everyone must be quick to listen, but slow to speak.' James 1:19.
Firstly we answered the question, what does a listener do? We came up with some great ideas and we demonstrated these skills as we played various listening games. We worked together as a class to create the sound of the rain, and with a partner we sat back to back to create a picture and arrange objects. Boris will be proud of us as he always says, 'it is important to listen to our friends.'

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Ward, Alex and Rachael

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