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This week has been another magical week in Preschool, we all came together to film our Nativity. We only had a short time to pull together all our scenes but you were all true professionals and got the job done! Thank you Preschool, I am very proud of each and everyone one of you, you are all stars! As you know, our whole school theme this term has been 'Journeys and Discoveries'. Our Nativity is all about the 'Greatest Christmas Journey' -- who will we discover? You can now view our very special performance on Tapestry, enjoy!

Within our personal, social and emotional development, we continued with our Heart Smart session and Boris reminded us again that we are all special and unique. There is no one else like me! We learned that our fingerprints are all unique -- just like us. We looked at a slide of an enlarged fingerprint. Then looked at the different patterns on the fingerprint. We then looked at our own finger prints and discussed the patterns we could see. We discovered that no two fingerprints are the same -even twins! We then used ink to decorate our own tree with fingerprint leaves.

To support our communication and language development, we have enjoyed listening to a variety of Christmas stories. Many of these stories are new to us all and we have sat and listened beautifully. We also shared a familiar story to many of you 'The Gruffalo's Child'. It was lovely to hear you joining in with familiar parts of the story.

To support our physical development, we have enjoyed our outdoor area. We have been climbing, balancing, whizzing around on scooters and using a bat to hit a ball. We have also enjoyed activities to develop our fine motor skills, we have been threading, manipulating dough to make shapes and used our fingers to sprinkle glitter onto our Christmas surprises!

Within our literacy development, we focused on holding a pen correctly to draw and write letters to Santa. We have also used puppets to re tell the Christmas story.

In our mathematics development, we built upon our learning of ' another one' and this week we were introduced to 'two'. After watching the Numberblocks episode 'Number 2', we explored examples of two in multiple contexts, including, counting sounds, objects and movement. We then explored that our bodies have lots of two different things, e.g. two hands, two eyes. Great observations Preschool.

Within our understanding of the world development, we came together to re tell 'The Christmas Story'

For our expressive arts and design development, we have been singing Christmas songs, enjoyed using bells to create loud and quiet sounds and we have been very crafty but we will keep this a surprise for now!

During the business of the week it has been very important to enjoy lots of down time too. In our free play, we have looked after baby Jesus, fed Santa's reindeer, enjoyed a Christmas party, shared stories, been to dinosaur world and much more...

I think we can say it has been another lovely week at Preschool.

Thank you everyone!

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