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Ahoy there my Preschool Crew!

You have all been superstars this week and I am pleased to say that nobody needs to 'walk the plank' – phew! Whether at home or in Preschool you have amazed me with all the learning that has taken place, you are definitely committed to our Preschool ship.

For your literacy tasks, on Monday and Tuesday you read the story 'My Granny is a Pirate' by Val McDermid and Arthur Robins. You then, drew a picture of your granny or a a family member and told me why they were amazing "My nanny can cut down trees with a chainsaw!" "My nana gives me treats" "My daddy is amazing and a cool dude because he is cray and does merry legs dancing and I love him!" – they really do all sound amazing! On Wednesday and Thursday, you read the story 'Pirate Pete and his Smelly Feet' by Lucy Rowland and Mark Chambers. You then drew a picture of the character Pirate Pete. You enjoyed lots of giggles in Preschool as you described his smelly feet "They are pongy" "They are so stinky like cheese".

Within your mathematics tasks, you have continued to build upon your learning of numbers 1,2 and 3. On Monday and Tuesday you compared amounts and played a comparison game. Each player selected a card from the pile , the person that had 'more' on their card, won. On Wednesday and Thursday you explored 1 more and 1 less with our numbers 1,2 and 3. Using buckets labelled with the numerals 1,2,and 3 you filled each bucket with the correct number of objects. Next, we discussed how many would be in each bucket if you add one more? Then, discussed what about if you take one out to find one less? This activity did get our maths brains working hard, great job everyone.

Now, we couldn't have our week go by without a few treasure hunts to complete. On Monday and Tuesday, you were tasked to go on a 'rainbow colour' treasure hunt. I can't believe how many wonderfully, colourful treasures you found, shine your halos! On Wednesday and Thursday, I challenged you to go find, collect and touch different objects in your outdoor environment. You accepted this challenge and found many wonderful outdoor treasures, including, a woodlouse, lavender to smell, bark, grass, stones, leaves and much more...

To develop your understanding of the world, you completed lesson 2 of sinking and floating. This week you had to collect a selection of objects and predict whether the would sink or float. It was lovely to watch all your experiments.

To support your communication and language development, you played a pirate object memory game.

Within your expressive arts and design development, you used a box to make a treasure chest. i can't wait to fill them with treasure over the next few weeks.

On Thursday, many of you enjoyed snow day. I loved seeing all the fun you had building (pirate) snowmen, sledging and hearing about your snow ball fights.

For fun Friday, you learned that pirates like to sing to keep themselves entertained and motivated on their long spells out at sea. Then, you sang along with Captain Tara to some of our favourite nursery rhymes. You practised your balancing skills and played the 'tissue game', you placed a tissue on your head then danced along to party music trying really hard to keep the tissue on your head. Finally, you were invited to dance, sing along and 'let your happy show' then challenged to hunt for objects that make you feel happy.

You have also been to the dough disco with Libby and enjoyed a daily story read by Libby or Ashleigh.

Land Ahoy!
Have a super weekend everyone and I will see you on Monday for a new adventure
Tara x

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