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Wow, what a super week in PE!
We have focussed on communication and teamwork as well as continuing to improve our sustained running during the daily mile. We're trying very hard to run a little slower but for longer, rather than running too fast and having to walk.
Year 1 worked hard on football skills. We started by dribbling using 'big toe, little toe' to move the ball while looking where we were going. Then, in partners, we practised passing the ball using our instep and stopping it with our foot on top. We talked to our partners to let them know when and where we were kicking the ball.
Year 3 focussed on throwing and catching on the move. We worked in 3's, in a square, and used our voices and hand signals to indicate which empty cone we were throwing to. Then we played extreme piggy-in-the-middle! We played in small teams with one team in the middle and the other with half on either side of the court. We had to use our communication to throw the ball to our other team members without the piggies in the middle intercepting the ball.
Year 6 practised throwing and catching sideways whilst on the move. We began by working on our sideways throws, up and down a line. Then we introduced moving, slowly at first then getting quicker. Afterwards, we played a game loosely based on Danish Longball. One team had to get their runners there and back between two bases whilst the other team had to pass the ball around their players, without dropping it. When the last player had received the ball, the game stopped. The aim was to score as many runs as possible before the teams swapped places.
Some super work, as always!
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Jenkins

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