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We have had yet another marvelous week...

In our personal, social and emotional development, we have continued with our Heart Smart unit 'forgiveness'. This week we played the 'sharing island game', we learned to work cooperatively together and ensure that everyone was included. Boris reminds us that, 'Sharing and playing together makes games more fun' and we did have lots of fun playing this game with our friends.

During our well-being time we listened to the sort 'The Dot' and then we created our own dots.

To develop our communication and language skills, we have listened to a variety of a our favourite stories this week from home. It has been wonderful to listen to the children talk about their favourite stories and retell them to us. It is so lovely to observe how much we love sharing books!

We have continued to develop our ball skills as part of our physical development. This week played the game 'Under or over'. We had to create a bridge which we could roll a ball under and throw a ball over. Then working in pairs we stood either side of the bridge and shouted 'Over' or 'Under'. If our partner shouted 'Over' we threw the ball over the bridge and tried to catch the ball, when our friend shouted 'Under' we rolled under the bridge. To develop our fine motor skills, we enjoyed a jungle themed dough disco session, our hands were definitely warmed up for drawing and writing after this session!

We have continued to ignite a love of reading as part of our literacy development this week and have taken part in lots of activities for World Book Day (week) 2021. We have shared our favourite stories with each other, drawn a picture of one of our favourite book characters, we dressed up as a book character on Thursday and we have been busy creating our 'story in a jar'.

In our mathematics, we met number 5. We began our week learning about five with the Numberblocks. Then, for our task we made a freely bag filled with number blocks 1-5. Then, using our hands we felt the blocks to identify the Numberblocks. To challenge ourselves we tried to take out the blocks in order of size from 1-5 -perhaps you could try this at home too. We continued to build upon our learning of five throughout the week and made a collection of objects to represent the number five. To end our week, we explored how many different arrangements of 5 we could make.

We have built upon our learning about farm animals and how they grow as part of our understanding of the world development. We learned that animals need food, water and sleep just like us to grow. It was interesting to learn that some animals were herbivores, some were carnivores and some were omnivores. Can you ask your child to tell what these words mean? Following on from last week, we revisited the life cycle of a chicken and explored how a chick grows. We then enjoyed creating potato print chicks.

In our free play, we have built obstacle courses, role played the story of The Three Little Pigs, shared stories, built stories around our small world toys, blown houses down, explored magnets, baked delicious treats in the home corner, painted, drawn pictures and explored changes in our Preschool garden.

Have a super weekend Preschool and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

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