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Happy Half Term Year 5!

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What an amazing half term we have had in Year 5! I actually don't know where the time has gone! It has been amazing to see all of your smiling faces again and get back to our fantastic learning. I have loved spending every minute with each of you and every day you make me proud to be your teacher.

In our English this week, we have been continuing to develop our SPaG knowledge. We continued to learn more about conjunctions. We learnt about coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. Coordinating conjunctions are used when we want to join two main clauses and subordinating conjunctions are used when we want to join a main clause and a subordinate clause. We spent some time recapping what a subordinate clause was and how they are used in a sentence. We then moved on to recap how to use speech correctly in our writing. Many of us are already fantastic at this but often we forgot some of the important punctuation to use when writing speech. Like when we start our speech, we need to use a capital letter or when we have introduced the speaker and before we write the speech, we should use a comma. We recapped the rules of punctuating speech and then put this in to practise in some writing. The children were then given pictures of people and speech bubbles to create their own conversations which they then wrote out using the correct speech and punctuation. On Thursday, the children were given the image I have shared in this week's pictures. Firstly, we started by exploring what was going on in the picture. There are so many things happening in this one image and everyone saw something different. The children then thought about how they could use speech within their writing for this picture. The children wrote their own narrative based on the image and had to include examples of speech. On Friday, with Mrs Pointon, the children then continued to explore how to use speech to describe part of a video. The children loved exploring what might happen next.

In our Maths lessons this week, we finished our unit on Addition and Subtraction. We started the week by recapping how to use inverse operations to answer different types of questions. We then moved on to develop our understanding of problem solving. The children were given two and three step problems which involved them using their addition and subtraction knowledge. The children also needed to explore what the question was asking by identifying key words and phrases within the questions e.g. fewer, total etc. Towards the end of the week, we completed an addition and subtraction quiz to explore what the children had learnt. Then, we moved on to recap some of our Multiplication and Division unit from Year 4 in preparation for next term in Year 5.

Our work in this half term's Science concluded with our focus to analyse our results from our in a Spin investigation. We discussed what the results told us and made a response to the question, if we were to repeat the investigation what we would do to be more accurate? We also learnt about levers and created one on the table in front of us using two different coins. We found out that levers are simple machines that help move objects, and they have a fulcrum that acts like a pivot. Using a variety of images we labelled the fulcrum and then worked out how the load could be moved.

During PSHE this week we completed our letters of thanks and reflected on how we love ourselves and others. In Music this week, we recapped how to sit and hold the ukulele and began to play along to a song.

As part of our mindfulness activities this week, the children made their own 'mindful jars'. The children considered what made them happy as they added glitters, gels and sparkles to their jars. We then discussed how it made us to feel as we watched the glitter swirl around inside our jars. I hope the children enjoy using these at home and use them to be mindful, stay calm and think about the things which make us happy.

This week, we celebrated pumpkin heroes and remembered that God loves shines through each and everyone of us. Each of the children designed a pumpkin to represent God's love and life. A few children's designs were then chosen and some of the children in class worked together to carve our class pumpkin. We lit this for our worship on Friday.

During our afternoons this week, we have been focusing on adding work to our studywork books. The children spent time this week, showcasing what we have learnt so far in our History lessons. We showed what we had learnt about Queen Victoria and why workhouses were known as 'Prisons of the Poor'.

In our PE lesson this week, the children took part in the CNSSP Virtual Competition. This term's focus for Year 5/6 was Hockey. The children took part in three different events and recorded their scores. Competition 1 involved the children using their control to dribble their hockey ball around a set of cones. The children needed to see how many laps they could do in 1 minute. Competition 2 involved sets of coloured cones. The children laid out the cones in line and the aim was for the children to knock the cones over. The children were awarded points for the different coloured cones that they knocked down. Finally, for competition 3, the children had to aim their hockey ball in to two cones which were 12 yards away from them. For every time they hit the ball in between the target, they received a point. The children worked fantastically hard to complete all of these tasks and showed fantastic skill and determination.

I cannot believe we are already half a term in to Year 5! As I have said, I have loved every moment of our first term in Year 5 together and I cannot wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for us. Have a lovely week off!

Miss Welch

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