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To our wonderful preschool families,

You have made it to half term! It has been a strange term for many reasons but together we have made it through. Firstly, we would like to say big thank you for all our wonderful messages on 'Thank a Teacher Day'. Your messages brought huge smiles to our faces (and a few tears). We felt very special and loved – thank you!

Your learning project this week provided opportunities for you to learn more about food. You sorted food into two groups, healthy/unhealthy, discussed the importance of exercise and completed a 10 minute shake up, created a food diary; recording how many pieces of fruit and vegetables you eat in a day, created a healthy collage, played shops, made gloop and discussed the change in texture and enjoyed printing with a variety of vegetables.

Within your literacy tasks you have continued with your daily phonics and dough disco sessions and enjoyed creating marks/forming letters in rice, lentils and flour. You have also looked at recepie books, selected a recepie and made with your families, this has included, burgers, sandwiches, lasagne, mozarella bites and a roast dinner -yum, yum, yum! Each day Ashleigh read you a story and we were treated to stories, nursery rhymes and songs by you -thank you!

For your mathematics learning you have weighed a variety of foods and searched for numerals on food packaging. You were also introduced to Numberblocks 'five'. You have been counting in order and counting amounts of objects 1-5. You learnt that five appears in many contexts such as five fingers on one hand, a 5-pointed star, dots on a dice etc then became '5' detectives. You also enjoyed using a feely bag filled with Numberblocks 1-5; you used your hands to feel and explore to identify the Numberblocks and try to take out the blocks in order of size 1-5 – it was lovely to watch you videos of this activity. You have also continued to develop your mathematical language and used a stem sentence to capture the relationship between one, four and five e.g. "One and four together make five".

Thank you for all your support and participation with the home learning tasks and Tapestry, your observations brighten our day and we really do love seeing what you get up to at home. Enjoy your well deserved break and we will see you either in person of virtually next term.

Missing you all!
Take care and stay safe.
With love, Tara, Libby and Ashleigh xx

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