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Busy times in Y6

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Busy times this week in Y6. You have worked so hard and I am very proud of you all.

We began a new unit this week in Maths, the four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We shared top tips on solving addition and subtraction calculations and recapped both formal and mental methods. We will continue to develop our knowledge next week. We have also completed a times table test today. We discussed the different options we could select from and then trialled our choices.

In English this week we recited our modelled piece of writing and boxed up the relevant planning to match. We have analysed this model to find examples of different word classes and created a writing toolkit to help. We then used a John Lewis advert as a stimulus to plan our shared write. We have composed our first two paragraphs together and used this knowledge to write our own.

We have continued in Book club this week with our read aloud books and concentrated on developing our comprehension skills. I have talked to the children this week about ensuring these books are shared at home often, and therefore regularly changed.

In SpaG this week we have continued our focus on suffixes and if a root word changes when it is added. We have also looked at words from our Y5 and Y6 misconception words that all have double letters in them, like the word – committee!

In History this week we thought about what it would be like for all the people around the world that do not belong to a community. We watched a short story about a character called Carly and wondered if she belonged to a community. We used images to allow us to walk in her shoes and thought about the different emotions she must have felt. This story will lead us nicely into next week's lesson where we will encounter more stories of both past and present.

Our Science lesson asked us to consider if we need to keep adapting and evolving and what would happen if we did not. We considered what animal traits were needed for survival and what would happen if they were removed. We consolidated our learning with an independent task using a camel as the focus. What traits has a camel adapted to survive in the desert?

Our Computing lesson this week enabled us to debug algorithms and think about how to use a certain number of steps to create an action.

We began out new unit of Geography this week by thinking about the terms – human and physical geography. We discussed developing and developed countries and what the meaning of these words might be. We also considered how many people live on our planet and if everyone lives equally. Our live world population clock moved during our lesson but did not increase drastically. Finally, we thought about the important things a country should be judged on. We will continue with these questions next week.

In RE today we were introduced to three terms that Christians use to describe God – omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. We used these terms to find descriptions of God in the Bible and matched them to the verses.

Music this week gave us the opportunity to run through our Harvest songs. We will be practising three songs and we are hoping to bring the choir to the front to perform too.

We have also taken part in the daily mile, our PE lesson and a PHSE lesson taught by Mrs Jenkins.

Today in worship we were reminded of Operation Christmas and how this charity changes the lives of many. We watched an inspiring video and considered the items that would support older children.

New homework has been set and can be found in the back of your child's reading response book. I have set a new SpaG task and today we revisited the lesson from last week. Reading and TT Rock stars remain top of the homework list.

I'm sure you will agree that we have had a busy week in Y6 and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Your teacher,
Mrs B.

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