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Bonfire Fun – Preschool

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Thank you for all coming dressed in your bright colours today for our 'Bonfire Fun' day!

We began our day listening to fireworks on our class whiteboard and then we used our bodies and voices to re create the sounds – Bang! Pop! Wheeze! Crackle! Fizz!

Next we listened to the story 'Sparks in the Sky' which followed a family enjoying their bonfire night celebrations. As we read the story we learned that you in order to have fun you must stay safe. We discussed the ways we could stay safe.

– never throw fireworks
– wear gloves when holding a sparkler
– keep pets indoors
– stay with our mum's and dad's
– never light fireworks
– stand behind the fence of the bonfire

At snack time we turned our bread sticks into sparklers. Before we could eat them we practiced staying safe. We all put on a pair of gloves and held our sparkler out away from our faces and pretended to create shapes and patterns in the night sky. Once the sparkler had finished we talked about how to dispose of safely "Put it in a bucket of sand", "Give it to mummy or daddy".

You have explored and experimented with colour. You splatted and painted onto cling film outside, used a fork to create a firework picture and printed with a toilet roll tube to make a Catherine wheel.

I think the favourite part of the day was making your chocolate apple – I hope they taste yummy!

Thank you for a lovely day

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