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Autumn has arrived - Preschool News

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This week we have been on a journey and discovered we have five senses; touch, sight, taste, hearing and smell. We found out that each sense sends information to our brain to help us understand and be aware of the world around us. We have used our senses to explore signs of autumn.

In our personal, social and emotional development we have used our sense of hearing and sight to listen to the story of 'The Very Helpful Hedgehog'. This story has helped us develop and discuss our emotions. We have developed our empathy skills by thinking about how the characters in the story are feeling and why.
For mindfulness this week, we used our sense of hearing to listen to some relaxing autumn music. During this time we practiced breathing exercises.

To develop our communication and language skills we used our sense of sight and hearing to listen to a variety of stories. We had to use our ears carefully, to listen with increasing attention and answer questions. We have also been introduced to some new language — conkers, horse chestnut, autumn , harvest, combine harvester, maize, corn, crop, blackberries, Oak tree, thorns, Sycamore. We have also played a game on the interactive whiteboard using only one sense, the sense of sight. We followed the binoculars as they moved around the screen and guessed which autumn object we could see — great looking!

Within our physical development we have used our sense of touch and taste. We have been busy exploring autumn apples. We used our sense of touch to describe how the apple felt, "cold" "smooth" "hard" Once peeled we chopped the apples using a knife safely. This task was very tricky but we were very impressed at how the children persevered with the task. We used the apples to make stewed apple. In the afternoons for snack, we tried the stewed apples; we used our sense of taste and smell to describe and talk about the taste. "apples", "sweet", "warm", "don't like it". We have also been threading to create autumn leaves, joined in with doh disco and we have been developing our independence skills — we have been practicing putting on our own coats.

To enhance our literacy skills we have used our senses of sight and hearing to listen to a variety of stories, including 'Autumn' by Ailie Busby, 'My five senses' by By Aliki, 'The Very Helpful Hedgehog' by Rosie Wellesley. We are becoming much better at maintaining attention to listen and answer questions. As the stories have become familiar to us, we have begun to join in with
repeated phrases. We have also learnt a few new autumn songs.

To support our mathematics development we have used our sense of touch and smell to explore shapes in the play doh. We have been encouraged to talk about the shapes we are using, we have been introduced to their names and have begun to talk about their different properties.

We have developed our understanding of the world this week by using all our senses to share our autumn finds from home. We have also discussed what changes we can see around us, why the leaves fall from the trees and what colours we can see. We have enjoyed many autumn walks around the school and preschool outdoor environments to hunt for signs of autumn. It has been lovely to hear the children talk about their findings so confidently and see the excitement on their faces — isn't autumn wonderful!

Within our expressive arts and design we have used our sense of touch to describe different autumn objects including pine cones, horse chestnuts, leaves, apples, pears, acorns. This week we have used leaves to print, we have created viewfinders and an autumn leaf wreath using leaves which we found on our autumn walks. We have also enjoyed singing action songs with Mr Tumble!

Next week we will explore an autumn festival — Harvest. I wonder what senses we will use?

I think we all deserve a well-earned rest after such a busy week of learning — enjoy your weekend!
Tara, Libby and Ashleigh.

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