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Victorian Day – Preschool

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Today we enjoyed a Victorian themed day to celebrate our school turning 200 years.

Once we had all settled this morning we went back in time to begin our Victorian day....

We lined up outside in two lines, boys and girls, then had our fingernails inspected. Did you know that children have to have clean hands before entering. if they are not clean, children were not allowed in! Thankfully er all passed the inspection. We then entered Preschool and paid our penny to attend for the day. Once in Preschool we stood behind our chairs and began the day with the Lord's Prayer and the National Anthem. We were then allowed to sit at our desk and began our handwriting session. We tried hard to follow the rule that pupils must use their right hand at all times.

For our English lesson we learned the following poem:
Good, better, best,
Never let it rest,
Til your good is better,
And your better, best.

We then went outside for break and played hopscotch and hoops.

Finally, for our maths lesson we recited numbers 1-20 over and over.

During the day we had to call our teachers Ma'am , this was lots of fun!

What a super day we had going back in time but we decided that 21st Century Preschool is much more fun!

Thank you for all your wonderful efforyts with costumes today, I think you will agree that everybody looked fab!

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