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This week in preschool, we have been on an extraordinary Science Week adventure, transforming into young scientists eager to explore the wonders of the world around us. Each day brought new roles and discoveries, we have been:

Paleontologists: We delved into the ancient world of dinosaurs and fossils, uncovering secrets from millions of years ago.

Radiologists: Our exploration took us inside the human body, where we marveled at bones and the magic of X-rays.

Physicists: The mysterious forces of magnetism captivated our imaginations, leading to electrifying experiments.

Chemists: We watched in awe as chemicals reacted, fizzing right before our eyes.

Botanists: The week wouldn't be complete without getting our hands dirty, planting potatoes and dreaming of the harvest to come.

Our literacy focus for the older children has been alliteration with the sound "s".
We have also continued to enjoy the tale of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", while our helicopter stories saw our creativity and imagination bloom.

Thank you to our first 'mystery reader' of the year, the children loved listening to your fantastic story. 

OurHeartsmart lesson reminded us of the value of friendship, we learned the importance of listening, speaking kindly, and acting with gentleness and kind hands. Our story of the week "Worrysaurus" shared an important message: there's no need to fret about tomorrow's rain when today's sun is still shining.

We practiced the physical skills of cutting with precision, strengthened our fingers in dough gym, and honed our number writing skills.

Our rhyme of the week was"3 Fat Sausages" it, added rhythm and fun to our daily routines.

A highlight of the week has been becoming scientists, especially being paleontologists, examining real fossils and creating our own imprints in salt dough--a tangible connection to the distant past.

As we look forward to next week, our focus shifts to the environment with activities designed to teach us how we can protect our planet and its incredible diversity of life.

Thank you, families and little scientists, for another spectacular week at preschool. Your curiosity fuels our days with joy and discovery. Let's continue to nurture our love for learning, for the world is wide and wonders never cease.

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