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Preschool News 22.3.24

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This week in preschool, our little environmentalists embarked on a green journey, diving into the importance of looking after our planet. Here's a glimpse into the eco-friendly adventures and learning experiences that filled our week.

We kicked off the week with a hands-on approach to sustainability. We introduced the concept of recycling by starting to compost our fruit waste from snack times. The excitement of adding scraps to our compost bin and understanding its role in nurturing the earth was palpable among the children. We didn't stop there; our cardboard and plastic waste also found new purposes, embarking on the journey of recycling to be used again.

Light conservation and water-saving measures were also on our agenda. The children learned the importance of turning off lights when leaving a room and conserving water by turning off taps after washing hands. These small steps mark the beginning of their journey as eco-conscious citizens.

Literacy Focus
Our literacy adventures were equally enriching:
We revisited the tale of 'The Little Green Dinosaur,' retelling the story and exploring its themes.
Diving into alliteration, we played with the sound 't,' creating silly soup and going on a 'bus journey' to the zoo to find all of the 't' animals.

'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' and 'The Messy Magpie' were our chosen books, which beautifully complemented our environmental theme, sparking conversations about litter and the importance of tidiness and putting our rubbish in the bin.

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development (PSED)

Our Heartsmart lesson brought us closer, encouraging friendships and empathy. Boris' friendship game was a hit, with children eagerly rolling the dice to choose a friendly action – from high fives to thumbs up – and sharing these moments with friends from the circle.

Our sensory exploration included discovering what happens when we add water to porridge oats. The messy fun was not only a tactile delight but also a lesson in cause and effect.

Rhyme of the Week and Maths Focus
'5 Green Bottles Hanging on the Wall' was our rhyme of the week, perfectly aligning with our environmental theme. It also served as a springboard into our maths focus, where we practiced counting five objects accurately and began exploring the composition of the number five.

Music and movement punctuated our week, with singing and dancing sessions that brought joy, laughter, and a sense of community to our class.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on a week well spent, we look forward to continuing our journey of learning and discovery. Thank you to all our families for your support and enthusiasm. Together, we're nurturing mindful, compassionate, and curious learners ready to make a difference in their world

Next week we will be enjoying lots of Easter crafts and looking at the new life that spring can bring. 

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