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Preschool News 10.5.24

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A Growing Week in Preschool!

We've had another vibrant and fun week in preschool with our ongoing theme of growth. Our little learners have been actively engaged in nurturing their plants and their minds! Here's a peek at all the fantastic activities and learning experiences from this week.

Nature and Growth:

Our preschoolers have shown great enthusiasm and responsibility in watering our plants, ensuring they have everything they need to grow strong and healthy. It's delightful to see the care and attention each child gives to their plant friends!

Literacy and Storytelling:

Jasper's Beanstalk: The children have done a wonderful job story mapping 'Jasper's Beanstalk.' Their ability to retell this delightful tale has grown impressively, showcasing their developing memory and narrative skills.
We have also enjoyed another great Helicopter story session with the children continuing to develop both their story structure and acting skills.

Mathematics and Science Exploration:

Measuring Up: This week, we ventured into the world of measurement. The children ordered sunflowers and themselves from tallest to shortest and have used tape measures and rulers to measure each other.
Counting and Number Recognition: Adding fingerprint leaves to beanstalks has been a fun way to practice number recognition and counting skills. Each child ensured their beanstalk had the correct number of leaves by counting out their fingerprint leaves.

Early Phonics and Social Skills:

Our N2 children have been busy learning the sounds 'd' and 't,' enhancing their phonics skills with enthusiasm.
Our N1 children have been focusing on developing their social skills through turn-taking activities such as 'ready steady go' and 'pass the bag,' which have been great for fostering teamwork and patience.
On Friday we all enjoyed a game of 'cross the river' practicing our oral blending skills.

Fun and Games:

The Bean Game: Thursday brought lots of laughter and activity with the bean game. Stretching up as a string bean, wobbling like a jelly bean, and dancing the can-can as a French bean were just a few of the highlights that brought joy and movement to our day.

Sports Day Practice: On Friday, we continued to prepare for our upcoming sports day. Everyone did their best, cheered on their friends, and showed great sportsmanship.

To practice our fine motor skills this week we have been cutting the grass, threading tiny beads onto stalks and making different faces with felts.

Looking Ahead:

Next week promises to be just as exciting as we delve into the story "Handa's Surprise." We'll be exploring different fruits during snack time and reflecting on how much we've grown.

Thank you to all our families for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Have a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to another great week ahead!

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