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Our week at Preschool 17.06.22

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It has been another busy week, although there has been some changes to our routines over the week this has not stopped us from learning or having fun!

To support our learning on the life cycle of a butterfly, five tiny and hungry caterpillars have joined our Preschool family. We can't wait to observe changes. Within our understanding the world development, we have observed our caterpillars daily and have begun to make a caterpillar diary. Here are some of the children's observations from week 1: "They are tiny" "Why are they spiky?" "One is bigger and the others are little" "They are looking for food".

Healthy eating has been the focus of our physical development this week. We learned that all foods have a place in our diet but we should eat more of certain foods and less of others. Using the foods the Hungry caterpillar ate, we sorted them into groups, green -- go (eat every day), yellow -- slow (eat in moderation) and red -whoa (have as a treat). During our afternoons, we enjoyed tasting all the fruits the Hungry Caterpillar ate, we made fruit kebabs and even made smoothies for snack. Who knew such yummy food was so good for us!

To support our communication and language development, we have continued to explore the foods the Hungry Caterpillar and enjoyed tasting, one pickle, one slice of Swiss cheese, one slice of salami and all the different fruits.

During our literacy sessions, we created a story map and have added actions to help us recall and retell the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. It has been wonderful to observe some of our children reading the story to their peers throughout the week using the pictures and our actions as prompt.

To support our mathematics development, we have matched an amount of fruits to their correct numeral. We have also used our fingers, numicon and Numberblocks to represent the amount. great job Preschool. Next week, we will move onto a new unit and explore patterns.

Butterflies have been the focus of our expressive arts and design development. Using pipets and paint we explored colour mixing and symmetry to make a butterfly. We squeezed paint onto our butterfly template then folded in half, we then opened to reveal our butterfly butterflies. We have also created a special card for our dads.

During our HeartSmart session, Boris taught us that we can do amazing things with our bodies. We were shown a picture of a body part, such as, mouth, arms, legs, feet and we had to describe or demonstrate something that they can do e.g. with my feet I can jump, etc. We then discussed how special and amazing our bodies are that they can do all those different things.
Boris says, "Your bodies are amazing".
You know all about me. Psalm 139:1

During our free play, we have hunted for minibeasts, painted with mud, role played cafe's and we have also spent plenty of time trying to stay cool and have enjoyed lots of water play.

Another super week, thank you Preschool

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