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Happy Easter Preschool 1.04.22

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Well Preschool, it certainly has been a strange couple of weeks with absences both children and staff but we have continued to laugh, dance, sing, giggle and learn along the way...

To support our personal, social and emotional development, this week, we have taken part in First Aid Week. As part of First Aid Week we looked in the First Aid Box. Together we looked at the contents and discussed what we might need the equipment for ie. cuts, grazes, bumped heads. We discussed the role of a first aider and how they need to make sure we are safe and taken care of when we are hurt. We then discussed the first aid needed if we were to fall over and cut our leg. We learned that the wound needs to be cleaned with a wipe and a plaster will be applied. We then had a go at administering first aid.We applied plasters to dolls/teddies and made sure our babies had a big cuddle to make them feel better.

To support our communication and language development, we have continued to answer and ask questions about our story 'Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs'. Some of us can recite most of the words in the story – wow! We have also enjoyed playing the game 'T Rex says'. We had lots of fun following his different instructions.

During our literacy sessions, we have continued to retell the story of 'The Little Green Dinosaur'. To help us recall the story, during our writing activity, we drew a picture of who the Little Green Dinosaur met, 'First, Next. Then, Suddenly'. Our older children have also been working on recognising their name from a group and have been tracing their names – wow!

During our mathematics sessions, we were introduced to number 5. We then went on a 5 hunt and collected a group of objects to represent 5. We found this a little tricky so we will revisitafter the Easter break.

To support our understanding the world development, we have listened to the Easter story and discussed that when we think of the cross and Jesus, we are reminded of his love for us all.

During our expressive arts and design development, we have made many Easter crafts. i hope you enjoy sharing these at home.

To support our physical development, we have been playing parachute games on the field, spent time on Fort Lewis and the adventure playground. To support our fine motor skills, we have been baking, threading, cutting and even had a go at weaving.

All that is left for me to say it thank you. Thank you for continuing to shine through these strange times. Thank you for making me feel proud each and everyday. Thank you for being you!

Have a wonderful Easter break everyone and I look forward to seeing you all back from Tuesday 19th April

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