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Year 6 News of the Week – 2.2.24

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What a busy week we have had in Year 6. You just don't stop from the minute you walk through the door. Year 6 your learning behaviours are top notch.

We have completed our ratio and proportion unit and begun our algebra unit. We have used function machines to work out one and two step rules and used this information to write algebraic equations. We are beginning to get our heads around this new concept, and we have all had to show resilience when reasoning. I am so proud of you all. We ended our week competing on TT Rock Stars – playing in a national competition.

Our English discovery narrative has come to an end with our own pieces being written. We have focused on formal language structures and thought about description too.

We have completed our spelling unit this week on adding suffixes to words ending in y and thinking about the vowel suffix "ing".

We have spent time enjoying different book club activities this week from reading magazines, newspapers and short dictionary activities. We have also spent some time reading with an adult.

We have moved on to adaptation within our science unit this week. We began our lesson with a class discussion on camels and how they have adapted to live in the desert. Some interesting points. We are now looking at the marine habitat to consider how life under the sea have adapted to survive.

Big Art has been on our minds this week. We have now completed our Modroc caves and we have added our cave drawings too. We have had great fun using our Modroc as we hadn't used this art media before. We have also sampled willow charcoal and used this media to add our cave drawings.

Variables have been our computing focus this week as we have tried to alter games on scratch.

We enjoyed our Forest Schools session this week as we discussed which era of the Stone Age we think is the most influential. We went off to hunt with bows and arrows and enjoyed a community campfire.

We have begun a new unit in art this week – activist artists who share their work. We are focusing on the artist Luba Lukova who uses her images to help change the world. We have used four different images of her posters to discuss the message behind each one. We will continue with this unit next week.

In Music this week, we continued to learn the next two pages of our piece – I Wanna Play in a Band. We found these pages a little easier than last week as there were no semibreve notes to follow although we did come across more multi bar rests. We concentrated to count the beat value for these rests so we knew when to begin playing the notes. Well done Year 6.

We have enjoyed PSHE and Wellbeing this week. We recapped on what makes a good listener. We had to follow instructions to complete a drawing challenge listening carefully as we only had 10 seconds in between each instruction. We then went onto listen to our partners as they told us something they had recently done.

We have also taken part in a PE session with Kick.

SpaG homework has been set with a focus on either semi colons and colons or standard English. We are thinking about our reading at home and moving through our Big Cat range of books. Please could you support your child to read their books as often as possible.

We are off to church on Wednesday to enjoy our RE lesson with Reverend Alison. We are looking at the Eucharist service and what this looks like in Church. We will be walking down to church for a morning lesson. Both Mrs Parker and I will be supporting our visit.

What a week of diverse activities. We have loved them all and now deserve a weekend of rest. Have a good one.

Your teacher.
Mrs B.

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