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Year 6 News of the Week

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Another very busy week with everyone working hard and trying their best. What more could I ask for? You are all super stars.

We began our week in our maths lessons recapping common factors and common multiples as this area is needed to work with fractions. We then moved on to placing fractions on a number line. We have also covered finding equivalent fractions and we have used this knowledge to compare and order fractions. We have added and subtracted simple and mixed number fractions We have enjoyed time on TT Rock stars and our homework will consolidate our fraction knowledge.

In English this week we have continued to use our example text and sentence accuracy work to think about bravery speeches. Using semi colons, commas, formal language and synonyms and antonyms we have created sentences to support our final piece of writing. We know how to use a semi colon to separate main clauses and we also know to not use contractions in formal writing.

During Book Club this week we have continued to read with an adult and we have completed suffix spellings too. We have enjoyed our class read at different points across our week.

Our poppies are now ready to wear as this week we added safety pins. We the evaluated our products and returned to our original designs. Our DT unit is now complete.

We completed our science unit on electricity this week too. We used our knowledge to answer different questions about how electricity travels and how it affects the brightness of a bulb. We ended our lesson with a static experiment using balloons, straws, snippets of paper and the friction of our jumpers or hair. We learnt that electrons determine how the paper reacts with the balloon. We will now move on to a new science unit next week.

We enjoyed a French lesson this week on directions. We recapped our knowledge on tout droit, a gauche and a droite and used these terms to direct a friend to find an object. Tournez a gauche!

We have taken part in two PE lessons this week.

We have continued to learn our WW2 songs in music and then turned our lesson to our dance moves. They are coming along nicely.

In geography we have continued to think about our planet and how healthy it is. We used the WWF website to identify the threats, their causes, how this will affect us all and the possible solutions. We used atlases to locate the countries and regions mentioned and recorded the key findings from the report in the form of a pictorial map, with short captions.

Mrs Hughes, our school business manager came in to visit Year 6 this week. We have been researching the term pilgrimage and last week found out all about the journey of a young Jewish girl travelling back to Jerusalem. Mrs Hughes has also visited Jerusalem and she came in and shared her experience along with photos of her visit. Thank you, Mrs Hughes. We loved hearing all about Jerusalem. We then went on to research further pilgrimages of other faiths.

Our second RE lesson enabled us to research pilgrimages of other faiths. As a table team we jotted down ideas as we listened to a video supporting our learning. We are now going to create a poster to share and explain our findings.

We have also enjoyed a wellbeing lesson and a PSHE lesson on Letting Love In.

We have moved our buddy time from a Friday to a Monday for this half term. We enjoyed time on the trim trail and encouraged our buddies to enjoy the equipment.

We enjoyed some amazing examples from our Bingo Boards in show and tell this week. We have also had some Bronze reading badges handed out. Well done Year 6. Great achievements to celebrate.

We wore our poppies with pride today as we stood to show our respect for a two minute silence. I was extremely proud to see just what they meant to each person.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
Your teacher.
Mrs B.

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