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Y6 Welcome Back- 9.6.23

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Welcome back Year 6 to your final half term at Wybunbury Delves. A half term that is jam-packed with projects, visits, transitions to your high schools and of course our leavers service.

We have begun a new unit in English this week. We have focused on characterisation and how the tags of speech can bring our pieces alive. We have up levelled our vocabulary by considering the context of our story – Monday Meets Friday. Our main Year 6 focus is to use speech to move the action on. We have used a short silent film to add our own speech. We will continue with this piece next week.

Our maths lessons this week have been dedicated to a theme park project. We have become business partners with £5 million pounds to spend. Our focus is to plan, build and run a successful theme park. So far, we have designed our park by thinking about our target market, and used a budget sheet to keep within our loan. We will continue with our project next week.

Our book club sessions have introduced us to the book "The Great Sea Dragon Discovery." This book has taken us back into the Victorian Times at a time when Charles Darwin's book "The Origins of Species" was first published. We have considered characters and settings and the thoughts of both scientists and the Church on the term Evolution.

We put the final touches to our DT project this week. We have completed our structures unit and added extra features to make them more like our own adventure trail. They are now on display and have been commented on by many staff members.

In our science lesson this week, we considered the idea that exercise, diet and lifestyle are contributing factors to a healthy lifestyle. We began by deciding what the impact of each 'food' has on the human body. We used a Venn Diagram and different images regarding lifestyles. We had to consider which of them were necessary for a healthy lifestyle? Which were bad for your health? Once completed we discussed our decisions and gave explanations for our choices. We ended our lesson by discussing a picture of a TV and a necklace and what these items were symbols of. We will continue our learning next week.

We also found time in our busy week to begin discussions about transitioning to high school. Children had post it notes to write down a worry and something they are excited about. We popped the post-it notes into a box and then began to discuss different ones. We moved around the classroom stopping at either the nervous, excited or don't know signs. Great discussion and ideas were offered.

We have been working hard on our studywork books this week. We have published our recounts of Edale and designed a page to present our writing on. We will continue to work on our special books next week.

We have completed our Stone, Bronze and Iron Age history topic this week with an assessment, and we have continued with our Geography unit by creating ideas for a campaign. Our ideas must reflect our learning on protecting our planet.

We have taken part in a second Science lesson this week beginning our summer term unit on Inheritance, Adaptation and Evolution. We used biscuits to decide on a mum and dad biscuit and then used their features to choose a baby biscuit. We then went on to watch a short film on inheritance and how genetics are inherited from our parents.

We have continued our learning of Diwali this week in our RE lesson. We watched a Diwali celebration through the eyes of two children and listed all the important parts of this festival. We are now going to create a collage to complete our unit.

We have thought about our Courageous Advocacy this week following on from last term. We have planned and practiced our activities ready to teach our reception buddies on how to look after pets.

We have also taken part in two PE lessons, a music lesson and a French lesson.

We ended our busy week spending time in the sunshine with our buddies. We watched their class worship today and were very proud of them.

Well after a very busy first week,  would just like to say that I am super proud of all that you have achieved. You have worked so hard and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Your teacher,
Mrs. B.

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