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Y6 Weekly News – 16.9.22

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I cannot believe how much we get through in a week Y6. You have worked so hard and your dedication to my tasks is impressive. Well done to you all.

This week in Maths we began by using our fluency skills to solve different calculations. We discussed our strategies and shared our methods. In our Power Maths lessons we continued to investigate place value. We compared and rounded numbers into the millions using number lines. We know we need to find the decider number and we need to remember which power of 10 we are rounding to. We have also used a large class number line to think about negative numbers and we will now consolidate our learning and assess our new knowledge. We will then move onto a new unit which will focus on the four operations. 
This week we have also discussed some parts of an arithmetic paper and we have battled each other on TT Rock Stars. Tricky homework questions have been discussed too.

In English this week we continued to learn our model write on the diary of Anne Frank. We can now retell most of our paragraphs. We have used the model to identify the different tools used in this piece of writing and we have also boxed up our ideas about each paragraph and listed the tools used within them. We have chosen the person we want to base our shared writes on and we have created jottings to log their movements during Black Saturday – the first night of the Blitz! We will develop our pieces next week.

Our SpaG focus has been contractions this week. We have used a page from our class story to find all contraction examples and created our own missing letters poster.

Our spelling focus this week has begun with suffixes. We have looked at different word endings and considered if they change the root of each word. The suffix ful is one to look out for. We will continue with our learning next week.

We began our new unit in History this week by thinking about the word -chronology. We discussed this term and ordered units of time to get us going. We then used different periods in history to order and match pictures to dates. We added some of our own events to our timelines too. We spent some time understanding why WW2 began and discussed this further using comprehension questions. Our next lesson will introduce us to the term invasion.

We recapped our last lesson in Science and reflected on our experiments. We continued to discuss the idea that light travels in straight lines. We looked at a piece of Leonardo da Vinci's writing and tried to work out its meaning. We found out that he wrote backwards, and we quickly decided to use a mirror to decipher his writing. We then went on to work with light reflecting in a mirror and had a go at our own reverse writing. Finally, we wrote a secret message for a friend to solve.

We have enjoyed working on our tunnel books in art and will continue with them soon.

We began our new RE unit this week. We considered powerful people and who we think they are. Great class discussion took place before we attempted to draw a powerful person as a class.

We have also taken part in PSHE considering what makes us special. We watched instruments being made from recyclable materials and thought about what they may symbolise.

PE with Sportscape and Mrs Jenkins have taken place. A separate post will give you further details.

In Music this week we practised holding the ukulele making sure our posture was correct. We strummed to the beat and off the beat. We know how special these instruments are and we played with care.

We ended our week researching different parts of WW2 using recommended websites. We will use this research to begin a WW2 project of our own.

Y6 worship was a great success as we led school through songs and prayers.

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and a peaceful bank holiday.

Your teacher.
Mrs B.

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