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Y6 News of the Week – 22.4.22

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Welcome back to your final term in Year 6. Your summer term has begun, and the sun has been shining. You have settled back into a busy week and you have all worked so hard. I am proud of you.

In Maths this week we have begun to investigate algebra. We began our early algebra journey by using function machines to find the input and output of numbers using a certain operation. We have also used algebraic equations to work out the values of letters and thought about keeping the equations balanced. We will continue with this area next week. We have completed a few reasoning SAT questions each morning and then concentrated on our arithmetic skills. Many of you have joined me at the end of the day for our booster sessions. Thank you, Year 6, you are stars.

In Book Club this week we have used a past SAT paper to think about our comprehension skills. We have broken the paper into 3 pieces of text and then worked through the questions against the clock. This has given us all an idea of how much time we have on each section and which strategies to use to complete them. We will continue to use these papers next week.

We have used some of our English lessons this week to begin to recap different areas of punctuation and grammar. Our main focus has been on relative pronouns and relative clauses and how to identify them accurately in a sentence. We have also used some of this time to practice our Easter Service.

We have begun a new spelling pattern this week focusing on silent letters. We will continue to investigate them next week.

Our Courageous Advocacy message is nearly ready to share with you. We have worked hard on our song lyrics and today we recorded our singing and our speaking parts. I will share our class worship with you shortly. This will be virtual.

In Science this week we continued to learn about the classification system. We found out more about the classification system in modern careers and were introduced to Joe. He is a scientist who spends his days identifying insects that come into our country on food or furniture. We then took our learning onto our class field to find minibeasts and brought them back into class to identify and draw our invertebrates.

We have enjoyed two PE lessons this week. Mrs Jenkins taught us tennis and we enjoyed our session with Sportscape.

This week in our HeartSmart lesson, we looked at the benefits and dangers of social media. We began by identifying some social media logos and talking about these sites, and if we have ever used them. If so, what for? Social media guidelines state that children under 13 cannot use them. We weighed up the benefits and dangers and discussed why we think that is and whether that is fair. We know that social media has many advantages, but to keep ourselves safe, we should always use social media responsibly.

Although this week has been a short one, we have still found time to meet our favourite friends. We enjoyed time on Fort Lewis and the adventure trail having fun with our buddies.

I have set two pieces of homework both are online. Your spag.com tasks reflect your relative clause recap and your maths task is also a recapping one.

I just want to say what a privilege it has been to share our Easter Service with you today. It was a moving worship and was a joy to be a part of. Being back in church made our service even more special. Thank you for supporting it.

We have led our whole school worship today in school. We celebrated achievements, birthdays and guardian angels.

A fabulous first week back Year 6. You are determined and show dedication in all my tasks and work extremely hard. I am so proud of you all.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Your teacher,
Mrs. B.

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