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Y6 News of the Week – 1.4.22

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Can you believe it? Another term has come and gone. It has been amazing to think about the amount of curriculum we have covered, including all the extra-curricular events too. Well done Y6. I am enormously proud of you all. Can I also wish a speedy recovery to some of our Y6 family as I know you have not been feeling well since returning from Edale. We wish Mrs Whittingham and Miss Welch a speedy recovery too and hope you are not too poorly over Easter.

We returned from an amazing week at Edale, and after a restful weekend, we have thrown ourselves straight back into our learning.

In Maths this week we have worked our way through our measurements unit. Using our conversion knowledge and stem sentences we have calculated different metric units. Knowing that powers of 10, 100 and 1000 are useful facts when working with metric units has helped us to convert with success. We have used this knowledge to use hands-on resources to convert as a class. We then moved our learning on to imperial measures. Different conversion tables helped us to work between imperial units. We also got to grips with a conversion graph. Our final thoughts were described in our reflection. Which do you prefer to convert Y6, metric or imperial? I think I can safely say that metric conversions were the overwhelming choice. We will move on to a new unit after our Easter holiday. We ended our week with a burst of TT Rock Stars and then looked back at our spring assessments we completed before we went to Edale. Brilliant work Y6.

We have used our Book Club time this week to enjoy our class story. We end each day on a cliff-hanger and can't wait for our next chapter. Although we won't finish our class story in time for our Easter holiday, in Year 6 we will carry on much of our learning into the summer term mixed with SATs preparations.

We have been busy using some of our English time to think about our Courageous Advocacy next steps. We are busy preparing the lyrics to a well-known song to share our message with you. Watch this space!

We have enjoyed two PE sessions this week. Mrs Jenkins will post a separate update for you to read.

We have completed our first SpaG and Spelling SATs paper and revisited it to check our answers. We have noted the tricky areas that caused us problems and we will look at them after Easter.

We have managed to squeeze in a Coding lesson this week. We are sharing our skills as the algorithms are becoming extremely difficult to solve. I am constantly amazed by your solving skills. Amazing Year 6.

We have entered a week of First Aid training and loved every minute of it. From Primary Surveys, to bleeding and bandages we have learnt so much. We have also focused on choking and had the chance to look at our school AED machine. Mrs Chesters came to show our school defibrillator to us and chatted about the use of this machine. Thank you, Mrs Chesters. We had a real treat today as we ended our week by attending a First Aid workshop with Mr Harrison-Blount. We recapped our learning and then went on to use choking vests and resuscitation dummies. We practised placing our friends in the recovery position and we also dressed different bleeds. We ended our session by switching on a training defibrillator and listening to the different stages of instructions. Thank you, Mr Harrison-Blount for your time and giving us the chance to experience so much.

We continued with our unit in RE this week. We have learnt about Vishnu and his importance to the Hindu faith. Today we focused on the 7th avatar of Vishnu, Rama. We used our artistic talents to think about the features of Rama and created a four-part image. We will continue with this unit next term.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to visit our favourite friends today. Our reception buddies have kept us company most Fridays throughout this term and we wish you a very happy Easter.

We have also enjoyed a visit from HS2 this week.

I have not set any homework to be completed over the holidays as I know many of you want to use the time to complete some SAT buster tasks. All set homework throughout the term has been completed. You are all superstars.

It was lovely catching up during parents evening this week. Finally we have been able to meet in person. All that is left to say is thank you for all you support and to wish you a wonderful weekend and Easter break.

Your teacher.

Mrs B.

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