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Our penultimate Y6 half term comes to an end

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Well what a half term we have had Year 6. You should be so proud of the journey you have been on this half term. You worked so hard to prepare yourselves for SATs and took every paper in your stride. I think you are just amazing.

In English this week, we entered an exciting writing journey. We began by planning our own piece of writing using our box-up strategy, which helped us organise our ideas and structure our paragraphs. With our word wall and class targets as our guides, we completed our piece and then took time to review and edit our work. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them all. Well done Year 6.

In Maths this week, we explored the world of problem-solving, finding the connections between fractions, decimals, and percentages. We sharpened our problem-solving skills and shared them when converting between these different forms of numbers. We also dedicated time each day to practice our times tables using the interactive tool Daily Ten. Keep up the great work Year 6!

In RE this week, we revisited the story of Rama and Sita. To bring the story to life, we took on the role of storytellers and created our own comic strips to tell this tale. With each panel, we carefully told the key events and emotions, weaving together both the triumphs and challenges faced by Rama and Sita. Well done. I can't wait to read the final pieces.

During our My Happy Minds session this week, we focused on the value of teamwork as part of our Engage Unit. We explored the importance of supporting one another in achieving shared goals. We also revisited our big dream targets, reflecting on our personal challenges and the steps we need to take to turn those dreams into reality. We ended our unit with a My Happy Minds recap of the journey we have been on together.

In our Computing lessons this week, we continued to craft and refine our playscripts. Anticipation for recording our playscripts is building, and we are excited to showcase our hard work and creativity. We explored the fascinating Must Farm finds, using these ancient artifacts as inspiration to present our findings to our listeners. We will begin to think about our props next time.

In our Geography lessons this week, we shifted our focus towards the critical topic of ocean threats. We explored the various challenges our oceans encounter. We delved into topics such as pollution, overfishing, climate change, and habitat destruction and thought about the importance of taking action to protect and preserve our precious oceans. Together, we can make a difference Year 6.

In Science this week, we completed our leaning of the circulatory system. With the term "semi-permeable" in mind, we thought about how certain substances, such as oxygen and nutrients, can effortlessly pass through the thin walls of capillaries. Well done Year 6 you have shown scientific curiosity.

In our DT lesson, we worked hard on our adventure trail structures and we used our designs so well to ensure every detail is accounted for. Now, as we move forward, it's time to focus on the crucial next step--thinking about the bases that will bring these structures to life. Keep up your great work.

In our music lesson this week, we enjoyed listening to reggae. We thought about the lyrics to Heal the Earth and what the message was behind them.

We have spent some time this week helping Year 6 to resettle with their buddies. We have returned to our original groups to ensure everyone knows who is in each house group ready for our last half term. We enjoyed time on the daily mile track, Fort Lewis and the adventure trail in the brilliant sunshine. A real treat.

We have enjoyed three PE lessons this week, one with Multiflex, one with Sportscape and our final one with Mrs Jenkins.

We have welcomed Brine Leas and Malbank into school today. Both teachers met with their group of children and answered lots of their questions. Other high schools will be on their way.

To end our last week of our penultimate term, we received our Y6 hoodies and wore them with pride. Excitement ran through the classroom as they were all given out.

Goodness, what a week we have had. Lots of hard work, outdoor learning and fantastic experiences have brought this half term to an end. Thank you Year 6 for always trying your best and continuing to focus on all my activities. We will continue our partnership in your final half term. No new homework has been set as you deserve a well-earned break. Have a wonderful half term holiday.

Your teacher,
Mrs B.

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